Watch P!nk’s new video for Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

P!nk‘s new song is climbing the radio charts and the video is set to do exactly the same, as it hits music channel playlists. It’s online, it’s rad and you can watch it above.

Adam Lambert says kiss happened "In the moment"

American Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert gave fans a rather sexual performance at the American Music Awards on Sunday of his song “For Your Entertainment”. He tells CNN that kiss he shared with one of his dancers wasn’t planned, but rather happened “In the moment”. He also tweeted saying, “All hail freedom of expression and artistic integrity. 🙂 fans: I adore u.”

So he says when two guys kiss on stage, it’s an issue but if two female performers do the same thing, it isn’t. True story. So I guess it boils down to this, who dunnit better? Britney/Madge or Adam and friend? You be the judge!

OR Adam and friend?