Bow down to Bruno Mars, Beyonce and Coldplay

Every year we look forward to a few events, functions, award ceremonies, albums and performances. This coming weekend music’s big night happens, E! Entertainment is throwing a launch event in South Africa on Thursday and Valentine’s Day is around the corner too. But one event we were never ready for (well sorta) was this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show. UK rockers Coldplay headlined the show, but they brought their pals Bruno Mars and Beyonce on just to funk it up a little more.

Now we all know Beyonce dropped her brand new single and video, Formation at the weekend. Not only does the song bring the queen back to her rightful place, but it also sends an incredibly powerful political message, and all through her creative craft and genius. This woman is unstoppable. So naturally she dropped the single just before her appearance at the Halftime Show… Hype it up baby, go! And boy oh boy did she deliver – and so did Bruno! Watch this, you’ll know what I mean.

Here’s a bit more from the incredible Coldplay too:

This is how Lady Gaga does the American national anthem… and nails it. Scroll to 2:20 or so 🙂

Watch Lady Gaga’s G.U.Y. video

Another epic, cinematic piece of art from pop diva, Lady Gaga. The star released the video for her new single, G.U.Y. from the album, ARTPOP at the weekend and already it has been viewed over 7million times. What do you think of Gaga’s latest offering?

Who puked on Lady Gaga? Watch now

Lady Gaga is odd. She’s rocked the red carpet with a meat dress, arrived at the Grammys in an egg and now she’s getting puked on. Don’t believe me? Watch this clip as the star performs her track Swine at SXSW. Oh My Gaga!

This isn’t going to go down well (excuse the pun) with eating disorder organisations, that’s for sure.

Lady Gaga teams up with Christina Aguilera on The Voice

Lady Gaga’s new song, Do What You Want features R.Kelly, but practically it’s impossible to have R.Kelly in all the places Gaga is touring and promoting. So she makes do… I enjoyed her performance on the Graham Norton Show recently, but it’s this performance that has grabbed my attention. Lady Gaga hopped onto The Voice stage at the finale to perform the track this week and she was joined by the incredible, Christina Aguilera. Besides looking like two giant poodles (jokes), the two rocked out and their performance was amazing. They should definitely do more together….

MTV VMA promos hit the web

The MTV Video Music Awards are going to be massive this year. The fact that Justin Timberlake is rumoured to be reuniting with his ‘N Sync band maters; that Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus are all the talk of the town at the moment and that they’re all going to be there is a clear indicator that the VMAs will be #winning.

So in the build up to Sunday night’s big awards, there are several promos doing the rounds on the web. They’re awesome. Don’t believe me? Check them out:

Katy Perry has the eye of the tiger in her promo…

Justin Timberlake will perform on the VMA stage for the first time in six years and he’s getting a special award too!

Here’s Lady Gaga’s Applause promo:

Miley gets sexy:

Here are a few other promos:

The MTV Video Music Awards will go live to the world from Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on MTV. For peops on my timezone, they’ll be on DStv Channel 130 at 03:00 CAT on Monday 26 August. Check your local listings for times.

Watch Lady Gaga’s Applause music video

It’s here…. The music video to Lady’s Gaga’s new single, Applause. The song is taken off her forthcoming album, ARTPOP which is due for release on the 11th of November.

Lady Gaga looks gorgeous in this video. I like the minimal makeup, natural look.

#Gaga has another #winner on her hands. #Applause.

UPDATE on Gaga’s latest news:

The star is set to open this weekend’s MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn, New York. She’ll take to the stage to perform Applause and you know she’s going to be bringing her A-game; the sort of thing that will make you go GAGA 😉 Cannot wait to see the performance.

Audio: Gaga chats to Ryan Seacrest

Lady Gaga has been quiet for some time now, but she’s back and ready to ARTPOP the living daylights out of you. Entertainment mogul, Ryan Seacrest sat down with Gaga to find out more about her artistic direction for this album, her feelings about Katy Perry‘s new single and the subsequent ‘competition’ between the two and more. Have a listen.

Listen to Lady Gaga’s Applause

Like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga’s new single was leaked prematurely. So instead of allowing all the fake, low res versions to get all the credit, the star was forced to release the single a week earlier than intended. It’s great. I dig it… Think Love Game, Poker Face vibe… Fun, catchy and definitely foot-tapping material.

The song is off her forthcoming album, ARTPOP, which drops on the 11th of November. Gaga told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, “ARTPOP is a celebration and a poetic musical journey through my friends and I hanging out and enjoying being pop stars. And that’s what really inspired the record is that time off.”

Katy Perry’s Roar hits the web… Listen now

YAY!!! Katy Perry is back. Her new single, Roar unofficially hit the web at the weekend. It will be released today on iTunes and I’m certain we’re going to be hearing a lot more of it in the weeks to come. Roar is taken off Katy’s forthcoming album, Prism, which is expected to drop on the 22nd of October. I love this woman’s energy. She’s fun, intelligent, likable and just my type of person. Groupie moment done, have a listen and #ROAR!!!

Lady Gaga wows Johannesburg

Photo courtesy picture group

Last night I had the absolute privilege of seeing Lady Gaga live in concert and in South Africa for the first time. I was blown away to say the least. The design of the stage for one was just incredible. No detail was left out or unturned. The lighting, the props used, the way it rotated and in a sense morphed during the two hour or so show was fantastic. Her dancers and musicians on stage were on point too.

As for Mother Monster herself… Well, where do I begin? A lady, years five years ago was waiting tables in New York City to what we now know her as. This woman had a vision, a goal and she made it happen… And so big that she is now one of the biggest names in the world of music. And rightfully so after what I saw last night. Her wardrobe changes in accordance to the part of he show she is putting on – and let me tell you there were many wardrobe changes. They were all true to what we’ve become to expect from the star, funky, edgy and different. I’m blown away by how quickly she changes too. This show is perfection, a well-oiled machine indeed.

The fusion of music, art and of course Gaga’s creativity were exceptional. This is what a musical show should be like. Each part (or act) in the show had a story. There was dialogue, music (and lots of it), brilliant lighting and special effects. At two points (and there were probably more that I missed) but Gaga just stood there at the end of that given performance and stared at the crowd, it utter awe. She seemed shocked that people down at the bottom of the African continent had taken the time to buy tickets to her show, given up their Friday night to be there. Why? Well because she’s LADY GAGA!

Photo courtesy picture group
Photo courtesy picture group

A few quotes that I loved from the night and excuse the language if you’re sensitive but here they are:

“I am you. We share the same home. The same dreams. The same potential to succeed. I am everything that you love in this world… I am in this world because of you”

She also asked people if they were working in the morning. When people put their hands up she said, “I don’t give a fuck if you have to work tomorrow. I want you to have the worst hangover in the morning. I would like you to get drunk and vomit on your friends” and with that everyone got up and danced their asses off. It was brilliant!! I even saw the seated patrons up in the stands up and at it.

My favourite songs included, Born This Way, Bad Romance, Telephone (amazing), Just Dance. Man who am I kidding? I dug them all. I think she’s also good in that she can read a crowd, so she knows when to come in and say something, interact with them.

Lady Gaga, I thank you. Absolutely amazing concert that I’m so stoked to have seen. I’ve been chatting to a friend on Twitter about a possible trip to Gaga’s home town of NYC to see her there in March. Let’s see how it goes 🙂 A big thank you to Big Concerts, 5FM and M-Net for bringing the magic of the Born This Way Ball by Lady Gaga to South Africa.