Have you entered the Miller Music Tour West competition?

So besides the lovely Minnie Dlamini and the super talented, award winning rapper Aka and Khuli Chana, who’s going on the Miller Music Tour West? Well I for one would give a lot to be on that private jet. Check this out, the three stars, together with two lucky winners (plus partners) will board a private jet that’ll touch down in three American cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The guests will experience “Miller Time” in each of the three cities and let’s just put this out there… it’s VIP all the way baby!

Here’s what the itinerary looks like:

Miller Music Tour West begins in Los Angeles on May 30. The following three nights will be spent in San Francisco and Las Vegas. The Tour then heads back to Los Angeles for the final night before wrapping up on June 4.

The competition has been running since the 13th of Feb and if you haven’t entered, best you get on it because the winner will be announced on the 13th of this month.

Visit the official site for more details or follow Miller on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MGD_SA with the #MMTW as the trend. You can also check the brand out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MillerSouthAfrica and on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/millersouthafrica

I will hopefully be hanging out with Minnie on my radio show tomorrow night, TransAfrica Radio on channel 172 on DStv’s audio bouquet. I’ll confirm all of those deets later though, but tune it to find out more. Oh and ENTER!!! This is an incredible prize and it’ll be one of the best experiences you’ll have.

Read the terms and conditions very carefully peops, remember you might be 18 here but drinking in the US is only for those 21 and older.



Kornrow Kim ushers in the New Year with a song

Kim Kardashian is arguably the biggest name in the entertainment business at the moment. While many will ask why, others know the answer to that question. The reality TV star is not just famous for having a famous lawyer dad, a famous sex tape with Ray J, her family have become household names thanks to their hit show on E! Entertainment. She’s a clever woman she is. She’s used the platform to grow her brand, expanding into fashion, the fragrance market and now it would appear music too. Kim ushered in the New Year at Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas with a group of friends and while we’d all heard that music was next on her list of world domination, we never knew when. Well the New Year brought with it a sneak peak as to what to expect from KK. Have a listen:

On this one called Shake, she’s said to have worked with The Dream. How appropriate that the notoriously big bootie gal has a song called Shake. Look this is an amateur recording, but from what I hear (and dare I say it), Kim’s quest for world domination might be on track. Let’s see what 2011 has in store for her, musically and more!

Smirnoff launches the world’s first nightlife exchange project

What is the nightlife like in your country? Let me tell you in mine it’s fun, wild but I’ve nights I’ll never forget in other countries too. Ibiza is wild (obviously), London has a lot on offer and because of the efficient public transport system you don’t need to worry about partying too hard and then how you’re going to get home. Botswana surprised me a lot and as for Las Vegas? Well what can I say. This American city has some of the best clubs I have ever been to. The decor is incredible and the ambiance is spot on. In South Africa we have cool clubs, but the one thing we have to offer that a lot of other countries lack is the Djing talent. We’re spoiled for choice and I think the big boys inspire the up and coming stars, who are constantly being pushed to try new things, techniques all while making good quality music.

Now you’re probably wondering what brought this up; why on earth I’m rattling off about nightlife in our respective countries, so early on a Monday morning. Well there’s a method to my madness. The world’s leading vodka bran, Smirnoff has a new campaign on the go. It’s ‘The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project’. 14 counties will be participating in this campaign, in which ideas, elements and highlighted features will be shared among each other. All of the acquired elements and highlights will come together on the 27th November, when the world will swap nights and nightlife experiences.

How will this work? Well you are being encouraged to make your suggestions on the official Facebook group on anything you think is important to raise about your nightlife experience. The local expert in each country will note these. There will also be parties in and around those countries, in which suggestions will be placed in ‘crates’. Those will then be added to the Facebook suggestions and in October the participating countries will exchange crates. In South Africa, the two experts are no strangers to the nightlife scene. They’re of the FeU brand ie DJ Fresh and Euphonik. “It’s an honour to be asked to represent something as huge as The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project. In the last year or so I’ve had the privilege of travelling to Miami, London, Ibiza and New York and from what I’ve seen, South Africa has more to offer than the rest of the world anticipates and being part of the team responsible in exposing that is an amazing feeling.”

So a few things to note:
– Make yourself available for the party on the 27th of November. It’s going to be massive no doubt.
– Apart from South Africa, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Lebanon, Poland, Thailand, Ireland, Great Britain, Australia and Venezuela. Looking at the countries listed above, I would love to exchange a night with the Brazilians or the Argentineans. From what I saw during the world cup, we would be in for a massive night!
– Make your suggestions. As I said, with the caliber of djs we have in this country, that would be one of my highlights. Plus I’m sure there will be loads of prizes, possibly even trips to the respective nations going, so you could win big!