Want to attend an exclusive screening of Mr Selfridge?


The last time I saw Jeremy Piven on my TV screen was in the hugely successful series, Entourage where he played the often douchey, but hilarious Ari Gold. I’d seen him in other roles prior to that I enjoyed him, but I became a fan after his Hollywood go-getter role. He was sharp, witty and just so awesome to watch. Well if you, like me, dig him then you’ll be happy to know that he’s back and this time he’s playing he role of Harry Gordon Selfridge in BBC Entertainment‘s MR SELFRIDGE. This period drama kicks off on DStv channel 120 on Sunday 13th October.

IMDb describes the show as follows, “Centers on the real-life story of the flamboyant and visionary American founder of Selfridge’s, London’s department store.” I have a longer synopsis and a more detailed look at episode one and after reading that, I’m definitely going to be setting my “Series Record” option on my PVR for the season. I’m always amazed by how simple ideas become massive empires. I also really enjoy these period dramas, so I’m certain this show will be fantastic. SIDEBAR For those of you in Johannesburg, you might want to do the same because Rihanna is here that night 🙂

The folks at BBC Entertainment will be holding an exclusive screening on Wednesday evening. The event will be held at Nu Metro in Montecasino. Details:

Date: Wednesday, 09th October 2013

Venue: Nu Metro cinema in Monte Casino, Fourways

Time: 18:30

If you’re keen to come through then holler. I have five double tickets for you guys. All you need to do is answer the following question. What is the name of Jeremy Piven’s role in Mr Selfridge? *difficult huh? Leave your answer in the comment box below, along with your name. I will contact you if you’re one of the lucky five.

Please note this is only open to Johannesburg residents. You will need to make your own way to and from Montecasino.


Top Travel returns tonight


If you know me, you’ll know that traveling is one of the most dear things to me. It’s one of the most wonderful things anyone can do and I’d love to do a lot more of it. In fact, I plan to. Right now though, it isn’t about me. It’s about the awesome presenting twosome that is Jeannie D and Janez Vermeiren. The two return to our screens tonight for another season of the hit show, Top Travel. Now this is kak huh? Imagine getting paid to travel the world and share your experiences with millions of viewers. Terrible I tell you, just terrible 😉 It’s a treat to watch these two on camera together though, so expect fun times.

“We are delighted to welcome back such a popular, entertaining and informative show to our classy line-up of leading shows and we hope viewers will stay captivated with the breath taking travel experiences that will be dished out on a weekly basis,” said SABC3 Marketing Manager Risuna Mayimele.

Here’s a short synopsis of what you can expect tonight at 20:00:

The first episode looks back at what took place in Season 2, before Janez and Jeannie take off to Venice. While in Venice, the two will engage in glass making and silk making, and indulge in 5-star dining and accommodation. During their stay they will also visit and tour some of the most popular historical locations in Venice, such as the Piazzo San Marco. The two will then hop aboard the luxurious Orient Express and indulge in a one-of-a-kind travel experience on their journey to London.

More on the season to and their travel diaries to follow in the weeks to come. For now though, do yourself a favour and follow these two on Instagram… and die of jealousy.



Town Crier Announces Birth Of Royal Prince

What’s the biggest moment in your life? I bet this is a personal highlight for this chap, as he got to announce the news to the world of the Prince of Cambridge’s birth yesterday. #RoyalBaby has arrived.

Royal Baby on the way


Today is the day millions have been waiting for… Well we think it is at least. Buckingham Palace has confirmed that Catherine Duchess Of Cambridge is in labour – and that means the #RoyalBaby is on the way. The Queen will be notified first when the little bundle of joy arrives and then she will issue a statement to the public.

So here are a few questions for ya:

  • Will it be a boy or a girl?
  • What will his/ her name be?
  • What will he or she look like?
  • Do you actually care?
  • Will Kim and Kanye put a picture out of their North West today? Heaven forbid the spotlight is off them 😉

More on this story to follow throughout the week…

UPDATE the Prince of Cambridge has arrived. According to reports, he was born this afternoon, weighing in at 8lb 6oz. #RoyalCongrats to the family.

Get Out of the Garage with Converse

ConverseAre you tired of singing for your aging dogs and cats? Had enough of getting your parents to be your biggest groupies? Have you got some music that you reckon will rock the world? Well then best you keep reading folks, because Converse is proud to announce the return of its hugely successful campaign, Get Out of the Garage. The  brand is giving you – the unsigned talent – the opportunity to record a track at Rubber Tracks Studio in Brooklyn, New York City (I’d enter just for that). Plus you’ll get to perform a gig at Rocking the Daisies, as well as at the iconic 100 Club in London. ENTER HERE

Interested? Good. The competition opened last week and will remain so until the 8th of August. Judges, Jon Savage, Catherine Grenfell and Reason will then narrow the field down to just 10. It’s then up to you to decide who walks away with this awesome prize. The bands and artists will have their songs showcased on the Converse Facebook page ( www.facebook.com/converse ). If you vote and your band is announced as the winner on the 16th of September, you could be off to London to see them perform… You see with Converse you win, they win… we all win- and we love #Winning.

Last year a guy by the name of Matthew Mole walked off with this title. I’d heard his name, but I never actually put two and two together until I saw this video below. I then realised he was the guy who sang that song (you know what I mean), and I immediately became a fan. Check out his clip below:

Shoes are boring. Wear Sneakers ad is awesome, check this out:

If you’re gifted in the music department, please don’t waste an opportunity like this. It’s an incredible platform and a fantastic brand to be associated to. So go ahead, enter now so that I can profile you on the 17th of September 😉

Marcel Desailly, Freddie L’junberg heading to SA

UEFA Champions League - Arsenal v Hamburger SV
Soccer fans and Freddie fans will love this news. Heineken is excited to announce that they will be bringing football legends, Marcel Desailly and Freddie L’junberg to South Africa next week. The two will be here as part of Heineken Star Mansion launch. They’ll also watching the UEFA Champions League semi-final in an undisclosed venue in Johannesburg. I’ll be there to catch all the action, so check back here for details.

Full press release below:

Cape Town, 15 April 2013: Heineken® has revealed that it will be bringing out two major football personalities, as part of its plans for the Heineken Star Mansion

events announced this week. Premiership legends, Marcel Desailly and Freddie Ljunberg will be hosting the launch event in Johannesburg on 23 April 2013. The events, which form part of Heineken®’s UEFA Champions League (UCL) campaign, aim to bring the excitement of the world’s best club tournament to South Africans on their home turf. Continue reading “Marcel Desailly, Freddie L’junberg heading to SA”

Beyoncé: The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour – dates

COLUMBIA RECORDS BEYONCE TOURAfter three years, it’s official. Mrs Carter aka Beyoncé Knowles is hitting the road again. Live Nation will be putting on The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, which kicks off this April. You can see all the tour dates below. Now I love me some Beyoncé, but I’m really bummed that this ‘world tour’ doesn’t include any dates in SA (or Africa for that matter).

The tour is her biggest undertaking to date and the second half of the tour will include Asia, Latin America and Australia. Sadly, I have word that there are no plans to bring B to our part of the world at this stage. Sob – and WHY???? We’ve had Gaga, Kanye, Coldplay, Jigga. we’re getting Bieber. Surely we can get Beyoncé? So we look ahead and I’m thinking maybe it’s time to go back to the US for a holiday and make sure it’s around the same time as her tour. Who’s game?

Continue reading “Beyoncé: The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour – dates”

Relive the Spice Girls at the Olympics

What a great moment the above clip is. One of the biggest girl bands ever, the Spice Girls got together at the weekend to perform at the closing of the Olympic Games in London. This is what so many had waited for, longed for and their wish was granted when Posh (Victoria Beckham), Sporty (Mel C), Baby (Emma Bunton), Ginger (Geri Halliwell) and Scary Spice (Mel B) arrived in the iconic London Cabs. They haven’t done this in years, but the five showed they still have what it takes. You want to know how to be an entertainer? Look at the Spice Girls… Really enjoyed their performance.
Cue the rumours of a new album huh? Don’t hold your breath though 😉

Congratulations Cameron van der Burgh

Last night South African swimmer Cameron van der Burgh became an Olympic gold medalist. The 24-year old scooped the gold medal in the 100 metre breaststroke event at the London Summer Olympic Games. Not only did he win the medal but he smashed the world record too, swimming a time of 58.46. So stoked for him!!!

I’ve had the privilege of meeting Cameron and working with him on a few projects in his capacity as an Audi ambassador and let me tell you he is one of the nicest guys around. So seeing him take Olympic glory last night just makes this all the better. WELL DONE Cammy the Fish!


Music Video: Watch Survival by Muse

We’ve got just 22 days until the Summer Olympic Games kicks off in London. It’s going to be amazeballs, no doubt about that. So Muse have created the official Olympic anthem called Survival. The track was released last week and now the video hit the Net. Check it out above.