Emmys 2010: Jimmy Fallon Impersonation Tribute

This is by far my highlight of the Emmys! SO cleverly scripted, his wardrobe changes were spot on and it just worked so well. Thoroughly enjoy this skit!

Emmys 2009: Drama Series winners

Michael Emerson wins for ‘Lost’ in the Best Supporting Actor “Oh my goodness what a fine honour”

Cherry Jones wins for 24 in the Best Supporting Actress in a drama series

Guest actress/actor in a drama series- Ellen Burstyn and Michael J Foxx

Outstanding Directing winner: Rod Holcomb – ER

Outstanding writing in a drama series: Kater Gordon/ Mathew Weiner win for Mad Men

Outstanding Lead Actress in a drama series: Glenn Close for Damages. She also won last year. “To my category sisters, I want to salute you”

Outstanding Lead Actor in a drama series: Bryan Cranston “Breaking Bad”. “I am so honoured that Glenn Close is actually a woman” (Uh Okay then)


AWARD season has popped up again, and this time it’s the chance of the film and television stars. The 63rd annual Golden Globe will take place on the 16th of January 2006 in Beverly Hills. The nominees were announced yesterday… My predictions:
1. Charlize… AGAIN. This lady is top class
2. Heath Ledger. This Ozzie lad is expected to take the Golden Globe. Should he win that, he’s definately in the running for the Oscar. Check out the film Brokeback Mountain
3. ABC‘s Lost and Desperate Housewives are both in there. Tricky- the both rock
4. Tsotsi– GO SA again. So in two award shows, South Africa or South Africans have been nominated. Well done to Ladysmith Black Mambazo again for their second Grammy nomination. Perhaps they’ll notch up their second award…

We’ll have to wait and see on January 16th. PS Work is sooooooo slow again. Jen have a look at the comment under the Usher post to see a short list of things to do in Joburg… Later