Big Brother: The Chase Hangouts with Selly and Natasha

Our weekly Big Brother: The Chase Google Hangouts continue. This week I got to chat and hang with ousted housemates, Selly and Natasha. Both ladies are full of life, character and personality. They were fun and great. Check the Hangouts below:

If you are a Big Brother: The Chase fan and you want to pose a question to the evictees, send your question through on Twitter: #DStvReality otherwise hit me up. Coolness!

Malawian judges to Madge: Have Mercy

A month ago things looked bleak for Madonna, as her attempts to adopt a sister for little David Banda were shattered by a three Malawian court judges. But in a reversal of fortune, the queen of pop is Madonna will be allowed to adopt 4-year-old Mercy James after all, her lawyer has told the UK’s Daily Mail.

Her application to adopt Mercy was turned down earlier this year, with the judges saying she hadn’t lived in the East African country for the stipulated 18months. Her lawyer argued that the law was out of date.

The official ruling will be announced next Sunday in Malawi so stay tuned for more.

Madge ready to adopt again

AP Photo/Karel Prinsloo
U.S. pop star Madonna is all set to adopt a second Malawian child this weekend. This according to information supplied to the UK’s The Sun newspaper by a government official in that country. The ‘Four Minutes singer has filed her papers to adopt 4-year-old Mercy James, whom she completely took to in August 2007. The mother of three, two boys and a girl wants to balance out her family and by adopting the little girl, the balance will be “redressed”. The star will apparently fly into Malawi this weekend and is hoping to leave the African country with a little sister for her other children. She will also visit her charity, Raising Malawi and building of the charity’s base will commence shortly.

Now this adoption is, like her previous one of David Banda, extremely controversial. Those opposed to the adoption of Banda said she wasn’t a resident of that country and therefore deemed David’s adoption illegal. No doubt she will be facing similar obstacles this time. In addition to that though, she will have to prove she is capable of raising the child in a single-parent home (she and ex husband Guy Richie divorced last year). For me, I have no issue with her adopting a child and giving him/her/them a better shot at life. Many of these children have been orphaned by the HIV/Aids pandemic and well if she has the money and the desire to give these children a better life, then I say go right ahead. Share your thoughts on this with us…