Miller announces SOUNDCLASH in South Africa

Miller Genuine Draft recently announced that South Africa is one of the 12 countries participating in Miller’s global music platform, Miller SOUNDCLASH.

image001What is Miller SOUNDCLASH? It’s an incredible international global DJ search. What are you expected to do? You’ll need to mash-up and mix your best Hip Hop, House, Electro, Dance or any other genre that represents the SA music scene. If you impress them, you’ll be jetting off to Las Vegas to represent Mzansi in September. The winner will be competing against other winners from Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Paraguay, Columbia, Canada, Hungary, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Panama, Argentina, and Costa Rica.

Turning up the heat and making sure that the winning candidate represents us are local judges DJ Sphe and Naves of Metro FM. There will be another DJ announced soon, so stay tuned for that one.

In order to be eligible, you need to upload your music to Mix Cloud with the hashtag #MillerSoundClashSA. Entries close on the 21st of June, so be sure to enter soonest. You can also visit for competition details.

Enjoy Responsibly. Not for Sale to Persons Under the Age of 18.

Breaking: Bonang Matheba leaves Metro FM… Oh SABC

Bonang Matheba and Metro FM have officially parted ways. It was short, it trended but now The Front Row is no more… Well on Metro FM that is. The news broke just a few hours after Matheba began her presenting gig on SuperSport, as part of the channel’s World Cup coverage. Here is B*’s official statement:


The SABC and Bonang Matheba have decided to end their relationship after the broadcaster’s refusal to allow Ms Matheba to continue a World Cup Lifestyle show on SuperSport.

The broadcaster claims that NO talent on any SABC platform is allowed to be on any other broadcasters across ANY mediums. Ms Matheba and her management could not agree to these terms as it does not align with Matheba’s future business plans.

“Metro FM is a fine station and it is a pity that my journey with them has been so short. I am an independent freelancer and have been working peacefully with all broadcasters over the years. My future potential cannot be jeopardised by accepting terms that will not grow my career. I could not agree to the SABC’s blanket terms – in restricting me to work with other broadcasters even though my contract with them was on radio. Thank you to the team at Metro FM for a wonderful time thus far. Onward and upward!”

Matheba can be seen every weekend on SuperSport at 13:00 for the duration of the World Cup. She is also on Clash of the Choir every Sunday at 17:30 on Mzansi Magic.


Despite the statement, social networks are abuzz with speculation that she was fired. I doubt that was the case, but rather as Matheba says a difference in opinion and therefore the only possible outcome for both parties was to end their agreement. Maybe Metro FM will have a different take on how this all went down, but for me the SABC is being extremely narrow-minded here. For one there is no consistency in this argument. I wont mention their names in fear of them facing the same outcome, but I know of at least three DJs/ hosts from two radio stations who have TV gigs on the pay TV front. So how is Matheba’s latest gig a problem? Also, she’s been with Top Billing for over a year now and Clash of the Choirs is into its second season. Now all of a sudden the SuperSport gig is an issue? Hmmm. Also, Metro FM is available on the audio bouquet. If it’s such a massive issue for their talent to be on the ‘other side’, why is their audio on the ‘other side’? Bring on your statement SABC/ Metro FM. I’m intrigued.

Matheba is one of the biggest media personalities in this country. I’m very surprised they’re just letting her go. Maybe she can come join myself, Jen Su and Gareth Cliff at CliffCentral. #JustSaying 😉 … I’m going to try get her on my show to discuss this further. Lets see what happens.

Meet Disney Junior’s Rita the cheetah


Unathi has one of the most recognizable voices in South Africa. Not only is she a host on arguably the biggest breakfast radio show in the country, she’s also a judge on Idols South Africa and she’s a SAMA winning singer too. Well now her voice extends its reach into the market. This time as she tackles a rather different, but interesting role… the voice of Rita the cheetah in Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins.

On being involved in the show Unathi said, “I am thrilled and humbled by this opportunity. Being a mother myself, I love watching Disney Junior with my children. I can’t wait to sit down on the couch with my children and watch their faces as they hear my voice in Doc McStuffins.”

Here’s a little more from Unathi in making Rita come to life:

You’ll get to hear/ see Rita on the 16 June at 08:20. More on Disney Junior can be found at or I’ve got two Doc McStuffins DVDs up for grabs. Just tweet me on @JasonVonBerg and let me know what character is Unathi playing in the show. Simple 🙂



Metro FM responds to ‘ #UnathiGate ‘ and other matters


22nd May 2013, Johannesburg.

METRO FM Station Management would like to address two unfortunate programming incidents that have happened
on-air in two of our shows respectively, ie. The First Avenue as well as the The Touch Down Show. The stance that we
as a station are taking on both the issues is as follows:


An open letter addressed to the host of METRO FM’s First Avenue breakfast show Unathi Msengana has been doing
the rounds on social Networks and this particular letter is now in the possession of the station. It is written by a
clearly disgruntled listener of the show and we as a Station hold the contents of the letter in high esteem. Each and
every listener of any of our Show’s on METRO FM is respected and appreciated by the station, hence our stance.

We would like to request that the public at large, our audiences as well as the media allow us as the Station’s Management
to investigate the strongly worded letter and the contents thereof accordingly. Over and above that allow us the time
to engage our presenter Unathi Msengana on her views and outlook in the matter at hand, after which we will make our
findings as a Station known accordingly. We trust that our request will be viewed favorably.


As of today, the entire team of the Touch Down Show will not be scheduled on-air until further notice by Management.
Yesterday afternoon the team unfortunately conducted an interview which was a clear contravention/transgression of
Radio Policy. The interview was regrettably that of explicit nature which is an unfortunate violation of our mandate.
We are a station that informs, educates, entertains and that operates within strict confines of Broadcasting
Regulations and we intend to do just that in a professional and respectful manner.

Please note that team has not been suspended, but are merely not scheduled until we have gone through our internal
processes and procedures. A decision will then be made following the findings of the investigation and we will then
communicate these accordingly. Once again, we request that the public, our audiences, as well as the media allow
us as a station to manage this process the best way we can and revert back to you once this is complete. We trust that
our request in this regard will receive your favorable understanding.

METRO FM, its where you’re at!

Unathi on the cover of TRUE LOVE


One of my favourite people in the industry is the lovely Unathi Msengana. She makes up one third of Metro FM’s breakfast show, as well as the Idols judging panel. She’s a singer, a mother, a wife and what a lot of people wont know is that she’s heavily involved in the behind the scenes of a massive TV show too. Multitalented much?

She’s been a friend, an inspiration, a mentor to me throughout the years and I’m grateful/ honoured to know her.

Unathi covers the June issue of TRUE LOVE magazine and might I say they did a fantastic job with this one. Looking gorgeous Mrs Msengana! There has been a little bit of drama around Unathi’s apparent “tendency of making listeners look small” (read the open letter here) this week. My view on this? All morning DJs have personalities; all DJs have their fans and their haters. Nobody can go through life having everyone agree with their views, their gestures, their mannerisms and their actions. It’s not humanely possible.

I listen to a lot of the morning breakfast DJs everyday on my way to work. Let me use Gareth Cliff as another example. He cuts people off all the time. He is known to be rude too. He’s also extremely intelligent, opinionated and entertaining. Fans will listen constantly, but so will the haters. The reason? They want to hear what he or she says so that they can nail them. Snore fest really. Bottom line, if you don’t like him/ her or any of the other DJs in the morning, best you go and buy yourself a CD and listen to that on your way to work. If I know Unathi though, she will respond and engage with this listener, so watch out for that.

The open letter will get spark a conversation. It will drive engagement and a debate. It will get the show more listeners and it’ll probably get Unathi a lot more followers on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Plus TRUE LOVE will probably shift a few more copies too. So who wins at the end of the day?

Trey Songz is in South Africa

Trey Songz poses for pictures at The Saxon in Johannesburg, South Africa

R&B star Trey Songz is in South Africa. The star touched down in Mzansi last night. He’ll be performing two concerts during his stay. One at the Wavehouse in Durban this Friday and this will be followed by a gig at the Coca Cola Dome in Jozi. The star is out here to celebrate Women’s Month and these performances are brought to you by ME & MY GIRLS (a division of Canoc Productions), in association with Metro FM and MTV Base.

Ahead of the performances, the star held a press conference at the lavish venue The Saxon. He was joined by SA hip hop stars, Teargas and his manager Kevin Liles (former Def Jam Executive Vice President). Let me tell you when he walked in the female fans and media guests (some boys too) gushed on arrival. It was hilarious – quick but hilarious. As soon as my video is done I will post it on here. The Bottoms Up singer told guests how excited he was to be out here for the first time. I know you’re probably thinking yeah yeah they all say it, but I do believe him. Obviously traveling to places for the first time is exciting (I feel that) and so he said he, together with him family, will be doing as much as he can during their stay. One of the journalists had a really good question about touring SA. She asked why he wasn’t going to Cape Town. His response was that he is on a tight schedule and that if there was an opportunity, he would most certainly jump at it. Cape Town, watch out.


He also discussed how he stayed out of the tabloids and how he remains true to himself. I respect that about him. There is no sleaze, no dirt. If there is anything vaguely out of character, he is open and honest about it, but he has yet to be embroiled in a sex tape scandal or a drug/ substance abuse problem. Big up to him for that. He also told us about his new album that he is working on, his being influenced by Jay-Z among others and of course his debut movie role in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 3D. Production begins soon and it is expected to hit the big screen during the course of 2012. He dropped a bit of name saying he was chatting to Will Smith last week about his movie career and how he made the transition into movies from singing/ rapping – and look at where Will is now. So who knows, Trey Songz may just be the next big thing in Hollywood.

I also (randomly) got a picture with him. Really nice guy, approachable and friendly. Not so sure how the picture will come out, but as soon as I have it, I’ll stick it up here too. Especially for the fans! I would’ve liked to interview him one on one. Had some great questions to ask and sometimes you don’t want to share. Who knows, maybe his peops can hook up a brother up. We’ll see. What I really respect and appreciate about him is that he has achieved so much in his 26 years. I, myself, am 26 and it makes me realise how much harder and how much more I have to do to get there myself. It’s inspiring, so good for him and thanks too. As I mentioned I’ve got video coming too, so as soon as that is done, it’ll be up here.

Pictures courtesy of my BlackBerry Bold 9700.

Idols SA is back

American Idol is over and in fear of suffering from Idols withdrawals, the singing contest contest with the new season of South African Idols. The show, in its seventh season, kicked off last night with the regulars ProVerb (as host), Gareth and Randall as judges, but there is no Mara Louw this year. Are you happy/ sad? I know I feel feel because one of my favourite people in this industry, Unathi Msengana has now officially replaced Mara. Unathi is no stranger to the industry. She works alongside Glen Lewis and Mel Bala on the morning show on Metro FM and has been on radio for many a year. She’s also no stranger to TV, having presented on shows like Castle Loud and Top Billing in the past. PLUS, she’s a muliple SAMA-nominated singer, who is set to release her third album soon and she has just become a mother for the second time. Congrats go out to her and hubby Thomas on the arrival of their little princess btw.

So in short, I think the judging panel on Idols is now complete and perfect. Did you watch the show last night? What did you think of the new judge? What did you think of “I can’t say no” guest judge Danny K, cold-as-ice Randall and “say it like it is” Gareth Cliff? Did you see pillow boy and the soon-to-be married couple? Holler and for more on the show, check out the official website.

Unathi is the new Idols judge

Out with the old (no disrespect intended) and in with the new. Metro FM DJ, TV presenter, mother, wife and singer Unathi Msengana is the new Idols Judge. This morning when the news broke that Mara would no longer be on the judging panel when the seventh season rolls around later this year, names started flying as to who would be the new judge. Some on my list included:

Khanyi Mbau- for the fame game. She’d show contestants how to deal with fame and grow their brands.
Lira- because she’s one of the best vocalists in South Africa.
KB- same as Lira and she understands the industry.
Dineo Ranaka- YFm DJ. Besides being a beautiful woman, she’s talented and knows the business

I also said Unathi, and I will claim it. Here’s my Tweet to her:
@unathimsengana Friend of mine…. you would be good as an @IdolsSA judge too. Would you do it if they approached you?”

And BAM… the news broke. I think this is good news for the show. She’s knows her stuff. She’s a big name in the business! On being announced as a judge, she said, “I’ll be searching for an incredible vocalist and passionate performer who South Africa will fall in love with. The beautiful thing about pop is its encompassing nature, so I’m looking for an individual who is confident in exploring a universal musical landscape. Good luck to this year’s contestants!”

Big up and congrats to Unathi!

Words/phrases to describe "This Is It"


“There will never be another Michael Jackson”- T Bo Touch, Metro FM and Live Presenter
“For the first time we saw his personality. I have the full picture of Michael. I need nothing more, I don’t want to know anything else”- Anele Mdoda, 5FM

Music chart news

The Black Eyed Peas are dominating the singles charts with their new hit Boom Boom Pow.
Number 1 single in the USA:
The Black Eyed Peas- Boom Boom Pow

Number 1 single in the UK
Black Eyed Peas- Boom Boom Pow

Number 1 album in the USA:
Chrisette Michele- Epiphany. Never heard of this young lady. Anyone know anything about her or her music?

Number 1 album in the UK:
Green Day- 21st Century Breakdown

On the local front Master Jam feat RJ Benjamin stays at numero uno on Metro Fm with the smash-hit Change The World, while last week’s number 2, Blame it by Jamie Foxx jumps to number one on 5fm’s chart. Working on getting all the download news from The Nokia Music Store peops, so stay tuned for this and more from the music charts.