Something Cooking with MiCasa’s J on Mzansi Magic

Something's Cooking Season 1

Let the power of social media shine… If you follow MiCasa’s J’Something on Instagram, you’ll know he’s not only the outfit’s talented vocalist, but he’s also quite the chef. The star posted pics of his delicious culinary feasts and clearly that caught the eyes of some TV producers. The reason? The star has his own cooking show now and it’s called get this… #Something’s Cooking. So clever, so smart and I can’t wait to watch it.

Something’s Cooking will debut on Mzansi Magic on the 22nd of October at 19:00. Over the course of 13 weeks, you’ll get to see where his love for food and cooking came from. On the show he says,  “When I don’t sing I cook. Life is a classic recipe of hard work, good friends and a perfect grilled sarmie. Something’s Cooking is who I am, not perfect but passionate.”

This is so great. He’s one of the nicest guys in the industry and clearly very talented too. I’ll be setting my reminder on my PVR… Do the same!

Mi Casa announce second single off Su Casa


Mi Casa have announced the follow up single to their smash hit, Jika. It’s called Turn You On and it’s bound to climb its way into the top ten, just like it’s predecessor. The song is taken off their album, Su Casa, which was released last year.

If you know me, you’ll know I’m a big fan of these guys. They’re humble, talented and know exactly how to get a party started. As for the album, man oh man… If you think Jika was cool? Go and grab yourself a copy. Their collaborations with Jimmy Nevis and Black Coffee, rock the party and my absolute favourite track is called Bora Viver, which I jammed all the time I was in Brazil. Epic, awesome and winning. Go and get it, it will Turn You and your party mood on for sure!

Here’s a mix of the track, but you’ll get the vibe:

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Watch: Mi Casa’s Jika video

Do you want to start your week off on a good note? I did and I want you to too… and here’s how I propose you do just that. Watch Mi Casa’s new video for their track Jika. The song is taken off their forthcoming album, Su Casa which drops on the 16th. CANNOT WAIT!!!

So if you’re a Mi Casa fan like me, here’s how you can follow the guys online:

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