The #NewSunCity is coming

Do you remember the entertainment centre at the Sun City Resort ? It used to be the hub of a lot of activity. There was a casino in the centre many years ago. It then became the centre of all things fun, and the are was filled with restaurants and pubs, a movie theatre and retailers alike. I remember spending many an evening after the Miss South Africa pageants or SAMAs, standing in the Nandos queues to get some well-earned dinner after a busy working evening. Sometimes when the work was done and we felt like letting our hair down, we’d head to the clubs there for a couple of bevvies.

MiWay Sun City Ultra_ Jason Von Berg

But even before the clubbing days, I remember the arcade games, the hippos and crocodile games that used to keep me company for hours on end. In short, the entertainment centre was exactly that, and it appealed to young, old, the hungry and the party animals 🙂

Well, it hasn’t been around for a few months now and that’s because it’s getting a major facelift. This is part of the resort’s overall revamp, which should be wrapped up and ready to be revealed later this year. I went through to Sun City recently for the MiWay Sun City Ultra. So because I’m curious, I managed to get a sneak peek at what’s going down as far as the #NewSunCity is concerned. Check out some of the pics below.

I think this new entertainment centre is going to be quite something. It’ll still have that iconic Sun City look and feel, but just newer, fresher and a lot more modern. For one, the skylight in the centre is going to be incredible. No more artificial lighting during the day, but rather the natural rays from the sun will beam its pretty self into the centre. The restaurants, movies, retailers will all return. The Sun City Superbowl remains, which is great news. There are going to be some awesome new additions in the form of the ‘Walk of Fame’. I was told about this last year, but to see where it is going to go and how it will roll out is really exciting. I’m pretty damn broody at the moment, no lies. Seeing how they’re catering for the kiddies makes me even more ready for little VB’s, but while I wait for that stage of life, I think I might just bring out my inner child again. The new designs include a ten-pin bowling area, right next to the magic centre. So you can imagine how much of a jol the young and old are going to have there.

From a corporate perspective, the first floor will have a lot of conferencing facilities. Work hard, then play hard and boy is there a lot of playing to be done. The shebeen restaurant, the amphitheatre for some acoustic music sessions, the Valley of the Waves, the golfing… It’s all there, so it’s actually great for a team building or conference venue. I asked the team if they’d experienced a drop in reservations or visitors since the plans for the revamp were initiated. Not at all. In fact, they were at capacity from a reservations perspective was concerned, and the resort was buzzing with tourists and day visitors. I guess the warm weather and close proximity to Jozi and Pretoria helps a lot too. It’s also perfect for the whole family. This time, I stayed at the Vacation Club, which is perfect for the family or for a bunch of mates.

I hadn’t been to Sun City in a couple of months, and to see how much work they’d done in that time is incredible. The chances are the next time I head up there will be for the unveiling of the #NewSunCity and I cannot wait. Fun City… Obviously, I’ll probably do another triathlon while I’m there too, haha. Stay tuned, more on this to follow.


Nandos and Nonhle – Leave the roasting up to Nonhle

LOVE YOUR WORK Nonhle and Nandos. This is hilarious! Well done creatives. SIT DOWN, BOOM…. I’ll Buy you. Check out some of the roast options courtesy of our superstar: BOOM!

Nando’s Anthem (Nkalakatha) #25Reasons

Happy 25th birthday Nandos. Life would be bland and lame without you and your ads 😉 Get involved in their latest campaign, #25reasons on pinterest. Tell them why you love SA and you could win a meal voucher or two. Check out their latest advert and one of those 25 reasons SA is great. The video above features the Mandoza classic, Nkalakatha aka the song that made white people think they (we) could dance… and well, ha! For more info visit their Facebook page —>


Nandos reacts to the Isidingo set fire

Ouch Nandos! They had nothing to do with the fire at the SABC this morning, but what would a news story like this be without Nandos huh? Personally I think Cherel De Villiers started the fire… you know that conniving bitch, always in it for herself and with an agenda 😉

On a serious note, I hope the matter is resolved soon. Isidingo is an institution and one of SA’s most loved soaps. Hopefully the insurance will pay out quickly and filming on a new set can resume shortly!

Santam responds to the Nandos spoof

Last week Nandos had a go at Santam’s insurance advert. It was sharp, witty and exactly what you would expect from the Nandos team. What we didn’t really expect was Santam to respond with something equally as good. Have a look at the response above. Brilliant, love it!

Nandos is at it again

Gotta give it to Nandos! Always at the forefront of all things trendy, controversial and clever! Here is their latest ad campaign… You might recognise the format from a certain bank advert on television 😉

“Do you miss things? Overlook things that are right in front of you? No? Yes? Maybe? It’s part of the human condition – at least that’s what some Sir or another keeps banging on about.

Luckily, Nando’s new ad campaign is here to show you that the deliciousness is in the details. That, yes, Nando’s is about the best flame-grilled Peri-Peri chicken but that its menu has oh so many more mouthwatering options to choose from.

Don’t believe us? Click here to be convinced.”


Win a #MealFor6 courtesy of Nandos

2011 will go down as the year of the fallen dictator. Check out the new advert from Nandos in which they make reference to many of them African DICs. With so many of them now nothing but a horrid memory, there’s one left who seems to be dining alone. Shit for him, but for the rest of you out there, you shouldn’t be eating alone at this time of the year. In fact Nandos wont allow that. They’re offering you a chance to win a #MealFor6 and here’s how: Continue reading “Win a #MealFor6 courtesy of Nandos”