Lady Gaga arrives in South Africa


Little Monsters, she’s here. Lady Gaga is officially on South African soil. The star touched down in the country late last night. She was expected to arrive at 17:50, but in true entertainment industry style, there was a delay. She arrived shortly after 8pm. There was a little incident upon her arrival. Some airport official was concerned about security apparently, so he ‘cop blocked’ her from walking out of the arrival terminal. She later exited through another terminal.
This left a bitter taste in many monster’s mouths, but they were in for a treat when the vehicle carrying the star and her entourage turned around. The vehicle drove to the entrance, stopped and allowed the Born This Way singer to get out, pose for pics and sign autographs. MAD RESPECT TO YOU GAGA! This was a moment of “I don’t give a damn about airport officials, I care about my fans” and as a result she made them happy. I got some video of the madness. Check it out here.
BTW, I’m still open to the press conference Gaga 😉