Remembering Madiba – attending the tribute service

Last night I again found myself in Houghton, Johannesburg. This time around I was at the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, where there was a celebratory service being held for the late statesman. Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu led the service, which was attended by musician Peter Gabriel, Johannesburg Mayer, Parks Tau, human rights lawyer George Bizos, media from all over the world and of course some of Madiba’s VSPs (Very Special Persons).

Bishop Tutu is a fantastic speaker. He is funny, heartfelt, intelligent and definitely not shy. The only time he got ‘shy’ was when he met eyes with his wife who was front and centre at the service. Here is a little clip from his address:

Some of most loved musicians were also in attendance. The Grammy-winning Soweto Gospel Choir kicked things off. They were then joined by Johnny Clegg, who sang a very moving version of Asimbonanga (see below). Danny K, Mamma Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Lloyd Cele, Ed Jordan, Louise Carver, Ross from Prime Circle and Sipho Hotstix Mabuse all took to the stage too. It was truly a celebration of the man we all loved, cherished and respected.

Today is the official state memorial. The programme is expected to commence at 11am, CAT. Check your local listings to see when you can watch the proceedings.

Peter Gabriel pulls out of Oscar performance

59-year-old, Oscar nominated, Grammy-award winning star Peter Gabriel has pulled out of performing at this year’s Oscar Awards, taking place next weekend in LA. According to E!Online, the producers are trying to pull in the ratings, by limiting the musical performances to just the melody. His song “Down to Earth” from the film Wall-E has been nominated in the Best Song Category is just under six minutes and the producers want him to perform it in one and a half minutes. The melody will be performed alongside the other nominees, both from Slumdog Millionaire (“Jai Ho” and “O Saya”), so be sure to check that out. He has instead requested that the Soweto Gospel Choir step in and perform at the prestigious award ceremony. On is official site, Gabriel tells his fans in a video that he is, “An old fart and it’s not going to do me any harm to make a little protest.” He will still be attending the awards though. WOW! GO THE SGC… more on this next week. I will be in contact with the SGC peops to find out all the details as they become available. Stay tuned!

It’s Gabriel’s birthday today by the way, so a very happy Friday the 13th birthday to him!

Golden Globe nominees

AP Photo
Award season is kicking off with a bang. Last week the Grammys, this week the Golden Globes… loads more to come, but lets check out who made the cut for the 2009 Golden Globe nominations going down in LA on the 11th of January. Brad, Tom and Angie- Hollywood’s A-listers are there. Kate and Leo reunite on screen in ‘Revolutionary Road’ for the first time since Titanic and already there’s a lot of Oscar buzz around the film. And while folks from the silverscreen celebrate their nominations, the small screen folk are celebrating too. 30 Rock’s Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin crack the nod for their roles. Other big nominees include Christina Applegate (Samantha Who) and Steve Carell (The Office). And of course because this is a music blog, we should check out the music orientated categories: Continue reading “Golden Globe nominees”