Times for Nelson Mandela’s funeral on 15 December

BBC World News (channel 400 on DStv) will carry the late Nelson Mandela‘s funeral on Sunday from 06:00 GMT (That’s 08:00 CAT).
David Dimbleby introduces live coverage of the State Funeral of Nelson Mandela in Qunu, South Africa. Many Heads of State are expected to attend and pay their respects to the former President who reunited the nation and brought apartheid to an end.
Sunday 15th December from 06:00 GMT until 10:30 GMT



Press statement: Khuli Chana survives police shooting incident

For immediate release:


Press Release – Multiple award winning Hip Hop artist, Khuli Chana, survives police shooting incident


Johannesburg, Monday, 28 October 2013 – This press statement serves to confirm that South African multiple award winning Hip Hop artist, Khulani Morule, more affectionately known by his stage name, Khuli Chana, was indeed shot at by police officials in the early hours of this morning, Monday, 28 October 2013, in Midrand, Johannesburg.


Khuli Chana sustained injuries to his right hand (middle and ring finger) via direct bullet wound, as well as to his back, predominantly on his left side, via shrapnel. Khuli Chana’s medical report will be made public once received.


The current bullet count on the blue BMW 1 series vehicle that Khuli Chana was driving is seven (7). All seven (7) were shot from the passenger side. Khuli Chana was the only person in the vehicle at the time of the shooting. A private forensic ballistic report is currently being conducted and will be made public once received.


Khuli Chana left his home in the West Rand Johannesburg and was heading to a performance in Pretoria, where he stopped at the Caltex garage on New Road in Midrand, initially to meet up with his DJ, Raiko, to continue the journey together. Raiko then alerted Khuli Chana that he was running late and Khuli Chana decided that it was best that they then meet up at the venue in Pretoria. Before leaving the garage, Khuli Chana went into the garage shop to buy a cup of coffee. On departure out of the garage, Khuli Chana noticed an unmarked vehicle with headlights on, faced in the direction of the oncoming traffic. Two vehicles ahead of Khuli Chana made their way around the vehicle. Khuli Chana proceeded to do the same.


There was no road block, or an attempt to stop Khuli Chana. Neither was any warning given before Khuli Chana heard the gun shots, which he describes to have sounded like a lot of fire crackers. His vehicle was struck by rounds as was he. His vehicle eventually went off the embankment and landed in a ditch.


Khuli Chana’s physical injuries were minor considering the amount of shots fired at him. He is currently in a state of shock and is trying to process the matter which he initially thought must have been a hi-jacking as gun shots were coming out of an unmarked vehicle, with no blue lights or any initial indication that police were involved. Khuli Chana has been discharged from hospital. His next doctor’s appointment will be in a week’s time. In the interim, Khuli Chana will be seeking psychological consult, to deal with the traumatic event he experienced this morning.


It is unfortunate that it takes incidences with high profile individuals like Khuli Chana, to bring to light the fatal police errors like the one that was made today. His management has made it clear that all the right legal process will be followed to bring the case to justice, not just for Khuli Chana, but for the many victims that fall prey to police brutality. It has been confirmed that a case of attempted murder has been opened by the police. Khuli Chana is in the process of taking legal action against the SAPS.



We endeavour to keep the public and Khuli Chana fans abreast with all the findings and information that comes through. Khuli Chana is very grateful for all the well wishes he has been receiving and for the support of his family, management and friends. Khuli Chana will unfortunately have to withdraw from all his upcoming performances this week, and until further clearance from his doctor.



“We condemn in the strongest terms any & every indiscriminate attack of violence on our civilian population by those entrusted to uphold the constitution and law and order. We have consistently shouted this point of view. VIOLENCE begets VIOLENCE. Violence and force is all too often the first option applied and this has to change. Whilst we fully acknowledge the difficulties faced in executing their duties, our Police must be given access to the best training programs strategies & methods in the world. The enormous stress on our officers is not being dealt with by our leadership hence the high rate of suicides in the ranks of the SAPS. This shoot to kill concept is dangerously misrepresented and indeed misinterpreted by many on the ground” expresses Gavin Koppel, SHOUT SA Chairman.

Khuli Chana shot at, injured by police

Just got an email from SA star, Khuli Chana’s PR company saying he was shot at and injured by police in an incident earlier this morning. Here’s what the brief statement said:

Breaking News: Multiple Award Winning Artist, Khuli Chana, WRONGFULLY shot at and injured by police!

– Police open fire on Khuli Chana’s vehicle with intent to kill – apparently mistaking him for a kidnapper in the early hours of this morning (Monday), at the Caltex garage on New Road in Midrand, Johannesburg.

– Khuli Chana is lucky to be alive after the excessive lethal force used. He was alone at the time of the shooting, on his way to a gig in Pretoria.

More details to follow in official press statement this afternoon.

I hope Khuli is doing okay, given the circumstances. He’s easily one of the most talent and yet one of the nicest guys in the game. As for the cops, I hope a full investigation into their behaviour and motives is underway.

Lead SA calls on South Africans to pray for Madiba

Let’s pray for Madiba

LEAD SA has called for a national day of prayer for the speedy recovery of former President Nelson Mandela.
95-year-old Madiba was admitted to a Pretoria hospital earlier today for a recurring lung infection. The Presidency has described his condition as “serious but stable”.
Lead SA has called on the nation and the world to “pray for Tata’s speedy recovery. Madiba is always in our hearts and minds and during this time of illness, he continues to be in our thoughts. We wish him and the family well.”
“Wherever you are, say a prayer.
“We also call our religious leaders to have special prayers in churches, mosques, synagogues and temples.
“Let’s have a national day of prayer today and tomorrow,” added Lead SA.

Serving two purposes: entertainment and fitness

If you’re a follower of my blog, you’ll know that I’m a follower, lover and avid producer of entertainment, music and lifestyle content. However, a lot of you might not know that recently I’ve invested a lot of my time and energy into all things fitness; triathlons, long distance swimming, road and trail running and to a lesser degree cycling. I guess the wiser you get, the more your priorities change and this is my new space.

So from now on this will be a balancing act of entertainment content and my drive to stay fit and healthy 😉

21.1km Deloitte Pretoria Marathon

Now yesterday I participated in yet another road run. I’ve competed in several races before, doing a 10km here, a 5km there but I needed to pick it up a bit. So I signed up for a 21.1km Deloitte Pretoria Marathon yesterday. Runners had the options of participating in the 10km, the 21.1km or the 42.2km run, which many of them used for the Comrades Marathon. Living in Johannesburg meant that I had to get up really early. When I got to the venue, it was packed. Go figure. The race started at 6am (yawn) and off we went. It was a little challenging maneuvering around the masses (being a fast runner and all, lol), but in retrospect it was a blessing. I didn’t know much about how to pace myself and this offered the perfect solution.

Although it was a grade 4 race; a pretty difficult one, the route was fantastic. It was a mixed bag of rolling hills, gradual downhills and can I just say the burbs of Pretoria are but pretty. I surprised myself by running at a very steady pace the whole way. I completed my first 10km in 54minutes and managed to finish the race in 1h54. Again, this being my first 21 I didn’t know if that was a good time or not, but apparently it wasn’t bad at all. Stoked.

In time, I’ll get more technical with pace, fitness, recovery etc, but that will come with experience and understanding fitness better. Next week I’m tackling another triathlon. More on that in the week, but next up on this site are the Academy Awards. Live blog, updates and more to follow.

Oscar Pistorius’ affidavit

Paralympian Oscar Pistorius appeared in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court today to bring forward his application for bail. He is accused of murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. His version of what happened was read out in his affidavit by his lawyer Barry Roux. Read it below:

“I, the undersigned, Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius, do hereby make oath and state:

I am an adult male and a South African citizen with identity number [identity number redacted].

I am the Applicant in this application in which I seek relief from this Honourable Court to be released on bail. I respectfully submit, as I will demonstrate herein, that the interests of justice permit my release on bail. In any event, the dictates of fairness and justice in view of the peculiar facts herein warrant that I should not be deprived of my liberty and that I should be released on bail.

I make this affidavit of my own free will and have not in any way been unduly influenced to depose thereto.

The facts herein contained, save where expressly indicated to the contrary, are within my personal knowledge and belief, and are both true and correct.

The purpose of this affidavit is to provide the above Honourable Court with my personal circumstances and to address the allegations levelled against me (in so far as they are known to me), as well as to address the factors to be considered by the above Honourable Court as contained in Sections 60(4) to 60(9) of the Act.

I have been advised and I understand that I bear the burden to show that the interests of justice permit my release and that I am obliged to initiate this application. I fail to understand how I could be charged with murder, let alone premeditated murder, as I had no intention to kill my girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp (“Reeva”). However, I will put factors before the Honourable Court to show that it is in the interests of justice to permit my release on bail.

Continue reading “Oscar Pistorius’ affidavit”

Reeva Steenkamp tribute

The new season of Tropika Island of Treasure kicked off on SABC1 at the weekend. The show was met with mixed reactions, not because of the content but because the sensitive issue surrounding the late Reeva Steenkamp. In case you haven’t heard, Reeva died last week allegedly at the hands of Paralympic champ, Oscar Pistorius. The bosses at SABC 1 and the production company responsible for the show decided to go ahead with the show, as they wanted to show the country who exactly Reeva was and why she was so loved.

While I get this, it still was a little off for me. The family is yet to deal with the loss, let alone bury her and so for them to see their beloved Reeva in the show must be awfully difficult. They have their reasons I guess, but the thing that really got to me yesterday is the reports of the production company was selling clips of Reeva to the foreign press for $3000 each. That for me is revolting, in bad taste and quite frankly lame if it’s just to pay for production costs (likely). If the money is going into a fund that Reeva believed in and would’ve attached her name to, then that is a different story. I’m going to go with the former though. They did put together a tribute for the star in their show, and this was very moving. You can watch that above.

This story gets worse by the day and hopefully tomorrow’s court proceedings will shed some more light on what happened in Pistorius’s home in the early hours of Thurday. Reeva will be laid to rest tomorrow in Port Elizabeth. Once again my deepest condolences to her family. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!