President Obama ‘sings’ Rihanna’s Work :) Too much fun

Why does the Internet stay winning? It’s because of clips like this. President Barack Obama is one of the most engaging and informative live speakers out there, but can he sing?┬áThere are a lot of montage clips of him on the web, but this one is probably my favourite. It sees POTUS ‘taking on’ Rihanna’s Work. Watch it – you’ll love it:

Man I’m going to miss this President!

This parody of Rihanna’s Work is everything

Work, work, work, work, work… lemme seememananame work work work work work. Who knows what the lovely Rihanna is saying, but who cares? It’s hit the top of the charts, the video has been viewed millions and millions of times and it’s catchy as all hell. So naturally the video was going to get a parody special dedicated to it. And it has arrived! And it is everything!!! I love the part where she says “Took it to Kansas and made it caucasian”. Dead. Watch it below.

Oh and if you hate the song (many do), maybe you’ll love her new single Kiss it Better. She looks amazing in this video and the song happens to be one of my favourites off ANTI.