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Here are a few pictures from this year’s Miss South Africa pageant, in which Liesl Laurie was crowned the winner. The broadcast went out to millions of viewers around South Africa on channels M-Net and Mzansi Magic.

Celebrate Rolene Strauss, don’t hate

Rolene_Strauss_smallerI’ve seen a lot of negative comments and opinions on the social networks in the hours since Miss SA, Rolene Strauss was named Miss World. People are asking, why should we celebrate someone who “won a fucking beauty pageant”. Well my answer is why not? This year has been intense for our country. It has been one year since our beloved former president, Nelson Mandela died. His legacy and everything he fought for need to be upheld and as South Africans I believe we should honour him, by trying to be better people each year. Here’s my little soapbox in a paragraph:
We’ve had two major court cases this year, the first being the Oscar Trial. Oscar Pistorius is now serving a five year sentence for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp back in February of 2013. The charges against Shrien Dewani were all dropped last week and now he is free to be who he wants to be, while her family come to terms with not only the tragic loss of their beloved Annie, but also the loss of this case. Dewani knows what happened that night, as does Pistorius, but the justice system gave them freedom and a soft sentencing respectively, so what are we to do? Both of these cases left many feeling bitter, betrayed and with a lack of faith in the justice system. Then Eskom decided to reinstate its rolling blackouts aka load shedding recently, leaving a lot of people in the dark – literally. This power station collapsed, the others haven’t been maintained, blah blah blah boring blah. Our ‘dear’ president, who is a whole other topic of discussion altogether, is now blaming Eskom’s failures on apartheid. Meanwhile back in Nkandla, I can bet that there have been no power shortages…. Maybe that area wasn’t even on the schedules, but then and again Eskom doesn’t stick to schedules so what does it matter. Parliament has become a very volatile place, where members of opposition parties are shouting, screaming and causing a massive stir. This isn’t bad, but it’s definitely made things a lot more interesting in terms of politics in SA. It’s also made our president a lot more scarce than what I and a lot of people would like. Will he hold office for another year? At this stage I doubt it. No faith = no point.
Our country has received a lot of bad press this year, so now when something like this happens I really believe we should celebrate it. For one Rolene Strauss is not just a pretty face. She’s a fourth year medical student, who is destined to be an inspiration in not only that field, but in business, beauty, entertainment and media spaces too. She’s young, focused, driven by passion and her goals and sincerely wants to make a difference in the lives of millions of South Africans and beyond. She will fly that South African flag high, holding it in the highest, most respected regard she knows how and she will be an incredible ambassador on the global stage. Twenty years on since the country became a democratic state and this is where we are. Yes we have our flaws and we still have a long way to go, but we’ve come a long way already. I salute the massive achievement of Rolene Strauss and I will be behind her, supporting her all the way during her reign. Haters need to take a step back, relax and acknowledge that when there is something good, celebrate and encourage it because only good things can happen from there. Like sport, something like this can unite our country and I find whenever something negative happens, there’s always a bigger, more positive that pops up too. Sports has always been something that unites us, so why is this any different? Ahead of Reconciliation Day tomorrow, I encourage you to do this: smile South Africa and be Proudly South African.


Miss SA Rolene Strauss crowned Miss World

Rolene Strauss is Miss World

22 year-old Rolene Strauss is the new Miss World! The reigning Miss South Africa and medical student was crowned the winner during Sunday night’s live finale from London in the UK. A big congratulations to her. She’s smart, driving and proof that if you set your mind to something, you can fully achieve it if you work hard, play smart and keep your eye on the prize.  Check out the press release below:


Rolene Strauss takes the title

Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss has been crowned Miss World, becoming the first Miss South Africa to take this prestigious title since Anneline Kriel’s reign in 1974.

An ecstatic Rolene beat 124 contestants from around the globe and justified the faith thousands of South Africans had that she would win.

This fourth year Volksrust medical student was also the bookmakers’ favourite to win the title and she didn’t disappoint.

In her acceptance speech Rolene said she was both proud and humbled to have won and that her dreams had become reality: “My country is my pride and my purpose has and will always lie within it.”

When Rolene won the Miss South Africa title in March this year she said in her acceptance speech that she had goose bumps thinking just thinking about the title.

“In my country we are all here from different backgrounds and cultures but we have one thing in common – we are South Africans. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to represent such a diverse nation.”

Rolene is remembered for her drive, what she brought to the title and how she has represented South Africa not only nationally, but also internationally.

She says: “Not only has the Miss South Africa title taken me places, but I have also learnt from the women who walked this path before me.  Together with my visions and dreams, I can catapult the meaning and relevance of the Miss World title to an even higher level.”

Throughout her reign Rolene has emphasised her passion for health and fitness. “It’s is all about living, loving and giving.”  She has emphasised the importance of women’s health and its empowering effect on our everyday lives. “We are capable of so much more when we are healthy; physically, mentally and emotionally.

“As I stand before you my dream is now a reality, my journey now at its beginning. I am part of something bigger, part of a beautiful picture painted with different colours, cultures, backgrounds and dreams. We are all part of the painting.”

Say Chief Executive Officer, Jose Dos Santos of sponsors Cell C: “We at Cell C are delighted with Rolene’s amazing win at the Miss World Pageant. As Miss South Africa she has shown the resilience and determination to make a difference in the world and we are convinced that she will prove a wonderful ambassador for the Miss World brand. We also know she is carrying the South African flag with pride. Congratulations!”

It was a sentiment echoed by Graeme Stevens, CEO of Sun International: “Sun International would like to congratulate Rolene on being crowned the new Miss World which is a massive achievement. We are convinced that she will make as superb ambassador and inspire a generation of young girls who wish to reach for a dream.”

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