Generations cast on strike again

Generations is one of SABC’s flagship shows. The award winning soap pulls in millions of viewers every night and the stars on the show have become some of the most recognisable faces in South Africa. While the show usually stays winning, it hasn’t been without its fair share of controversy. Last year the principal cast members embarked on a strike because of a wage dispute. It looked like everything was back on track – or so it appeared as if it was. That is no longer the case though because the stars have once again embarked on strike action. They’ve been threatened instant dismissal if they don’t report for duty. Their response? They didn’t report for duty – and rightfully so.

If what was agreed upon initially isn’t met, then why would you agree to such terms? This is their livelihood. My opinion. Here’s an official press release issues:

Generations Principal Cast Embarks on Strike Action

In a continuation of the legal action first set in motion in October 2013, the principal cast of Generations has embarked on a strike  as of Monday, 11th August, 2014. The strike is in response to the production company, MMSV Productions  and SABC’s failure to address the terms that all the parties agreed to in November 2013, which resulted in the cast returning to work.


The cast explains:  “We are essentially in exactly the same position we were in last October when we first went on strike.  Nothing has been resolved. We came back to work after the first strike in good faith, on the understanding that all the issues that we’d brought up would be addressed by the SABC  by this past March– a date that they set.  Since then, they have missed their own deadline, and pushed the date out,  with no discernable resolution to our grievances in sight. Instead, we’ve been ordered back to work and threatened with dismissal, with no explanation of why our issues have not been resolved .”

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Aisha Mohamed resigns as 5FM Station Manager

I know this is the time of the year where the on air radio shuffling happens, but I didn’t expect this news today. 5FM Station Manager Aisha Mohamed has resigned from the station. Aisha has been associated to the station for over a decade now and has been running the highly successful station since 2010. She will take up a position in the commercial section at the SABC and I’m pretty sure she’ll keep a close eye on the station from time to time 😉 Wishing her the best of luck in her new position and ventures. It’s a sad day, but a good innings too. (Salute)5!

Full press release:

5fm is sad to confirm the resignation of Station Manager, Aisha Mohamed.

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Metro FM responds to ‘ #UnathiGate ‘ and other matters


22nd May 2013, Johannesburg.

METRO FM Station Management would like to address two unfortunate programming incidents that have happened
on-air in two of our shows respectively, ie. The First Avenue as well as the The Touch Down Show. The stance that we
as a station are taking on both the issues is as follows:


An open letter addressed to the host of METRO FM’s First Avenue breakfast show Unathi Msengana has been doing
the rounds on social Networks and this particular letter is now in the possession of the station. It is written by a
clearly disgruntled listener of the show and we as a Station hold the contents of the letter in high esteem. Each and
every listener of any of our Show’s on METRO FM is respected and appreciated by the station, hence our stance.

We would like to request that the public at large, our audiences as well as the media allow us as the Station’s Management
to investigate the strongly worded letter and the contents thereof accordingly. Over and above that allow us the time
to engage our presenter Unathi Msengana on her views and outlook in the matter at hand, after which we will make our
findings as a Station known accordingly. We trust that our request will be viewed favorably.


As of today, the entire team of the Touch Down Show will not be scheduled on-air until further notice by Management.
Yesterday afternoon the team unfortunately conducted an interview which was a clear contravention/transgression of
Radio Policy. The interview was regrettably that of explicit nature which is an unfortunate violation of our mandate.
We are a station that informs, educates, entertains and that operates within strict confines of Broadcasting
Regulations and we intend to do just that in a professional and respectful manner.

Please note that team has not been suspended, but are merely not scheduled until we have gone through our internal
processes and procedures. A decision will then be made following the findings of the investigation and we will then
communicate these accordingly. Once again, we request that the public, our audiences, as well as the media allow
us as a station to manage this process the best way we can and revert back to you once this is complete. We trust that
our request in this regard will receive your favorable understanding.

METRO FM, its where you’re at!

Nandos reacts to the Isidingo set fire

Ouch Nandos! They had nothing to do with the fire at the SABC this morning, but what would a news story like this be without Nandos huh? Personally I think Cherel De Villiers started the fire… you know that conniving bitch, always in it for herself and with an agenda 😉

On a serious note, I hope the matter is resolved soon. Isidingo is an institution and one of SA’s most loved soaps. Hopefully the insurance will pay out quickly and filming on a new set can resume shortly!