#RIPSimba – Top Billing star killed in car accident

Today I woke up at 6am… I went to gym, had a quick breakfast and then headed off to my German lessons. Out of habit, I always check my social media networks in the morning. It seemed like another normal day and a lot of my industry peers were en route to or already in Cape Town for the annual J&B Met. I had a phone interview with Power FM’s Pabi Moloi at 12:30, so I excused myself from the class, took my iPad and had another quick scan of the social networks. My first stop was Instagram, to see what people were wearing to the Met etc. Unfortunately the first thing I saw was something I honestly still cannot believe. The news nobody wants to see – or really expected to see either. The news was that Top Billing’s Simba had passed away! I had no details or confirmation on what had happened, so I really was hoping it was some horrible misunderstanding. Unfortunately not.

Simba, together with a very close friend, was sadly killed in a car accident yesterday. From what I understand, he was traveling to the airport with his father and a friend. I don’t know the circumstances or what caused the accident, but Simba sadly lost his life in the crash. Words honestly escape me. When I chatted to Pabi on air, I felt like I was trembling, choking up. I’ve met and hung out with Simba on several occasions. I’ve also seen him do his thing in a professional capacity and let me tell you he is the ultimate professional. So good at what he does and such a gentleman doing it. His stardom really was booming and with the Top Billing crew embarking on another presenter search journey, the new hopeful has a lot to live up to. His charm, his big smile and warm presence will sorely be missed. He had just 26 short years on this earth, but he did and achieved a lot in that time. Let it be a lesson to all of us… Live life to the fullest, each and every single day! It can be cut short at any time.

My condolences go out to his family during this time. May you Rest In Peace Simba!

Top Billing welcomes Simba to the family

Top Billing has a new family member. His name is Simba Mhere and he is the winner of the Top Billing presenter search for 2010. He beat out 5007 hopefuls to be crowned the winner of the competition in last night’s finale- and now he can say confidently say “Good evening and welcome to Top Billing”. Congratulations to Simba. I think he’ll do a fine job on one of SA’s most coveted television shows. I’m envious, I was one of the 5008 contestants who auditioned, but who knows what might happen come 2011 🙂 Well done Simba, wishing you well in this new, exciting and fantastic opportunity!