Hi everyone hope you are all keeping well. On Saturday there was a live band playing, very good! I did however miss half of it cause I finished work late. The concert was in the street, and that was followed by fireworks… naturally this idiot forgot his camera at home, but I’ll organise something. So these people staying in the lodge we’re at have become like our friends. They’re older… Dane is 44, and retired!! So after the concert we bumped into them at the beer tent and he decided it was time to buy us drinks, score! Peach schnapps..mmm. We wante4d to go back to the foreigners pub, but it was way too full so we went to a place called the Little Nell, snazy! And again Dane bought us drinks… by this stage I’m slightly spinning cause of lack of booze consumption and altitute, always good to blame the altitute! We even got Amstel there, nice. Our pub crawl crew landed up at a place called Belly Up, Nic you’d enjoy dude: live music, great sound, good vibe and hot ladies… I landed up buying a cd, just because the lead singer was hot


At work again today, this time in a different town, like 20 mins outside Aspen, called Snowmass. Very nice, but damn this day is slow. Two customers so far, and it’s 13h00 already. Oh ya, so apparently Jim Carey and Renee Zellweger are in town… stay tuned. Hello to Debs, haven’t had snow tasting day yet… I’ll get there. Jen T congrats for honours my friend, you’re on for next year… definately k. The rest of y’all be well and good!