Watch Rihanna’s Pour It Up

Pour It Up, Pour It Up… TJO, the hotness that is this video. Rihanna you’re a good girl gone bad, but DAMN do we love it! Bring on the 13th of October, FNB Stadium.

You might love Rihanna’s Pour It Up video, so if you do have a look at this clip to catch a glimpse of what went down behind the scenes:

Justin Bieber in Jozi: FAQs

Cape Town had its chance last night and now we prep for Bieber’s big performance in Jozi this coming Sunday (Mother’s Day). If you’re making your way through to the FNB Stadium, here’s all the info you need to know:

All you need to know to make sure you get into the stadium as quick and easy as possible:

1. Make sure you book your transport ticket before show day:

Park and Ride: Click here for more information

Park and Rail: Click here for more information

Parking: Click here for more information

2. If you have a GOLDEN CIRCLE STANDING or GENERAL ADMISSION STANDING ticket then you must enter through GATE M to collect your armband. Please note that there will be two separate queues. One for Golden Circle ticket holders and one for General Standing ticket holders. There is no armband collection inside the venue. If you enter through the wrong gate you will have to go all the way back to GATE M.

3. SEATED ticket holders please enter through GATE C, GATE H and GATE K.

4. If you purchased tickets to the Stadium Management Lounge you must enter through GATE C and proceed to Foyer A.

5. Click here to download the detailed venue map. Please print a copy of the venue map and give it to your children regardless of whether they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. It shows entrance points and the location of the information point.

6. If you bought your tickets online (print at home) please make sure you print out your E-ticket, fold it as indicated on the ticket prior to arriving at the event to avoid creasing and damaging the barcodes, and ensure that you bring your E-ticket with you to the venue as we cannot reprint E-tickets at the venue for safety and security reasons. Your E-ticket needs to be of high print quality to ensure a positive scan at the venue. Please note we cannot scan tickets off any mobile device.

7. For E-tickets purchased from, please review your printer settings before you print. The document must print to its actual size so that the folding lines print to the edge of the paper. If the document is fit to print to the paper size it will print the barcode too far away from the edge of the paper, and the barcode scanners at the turnstiles will be unable to read your ticket. Click here to see instructions on how to fold your E-ticket.

8. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a legal guardian

9. Children between the ages of 14-18 years of age who are not accompanied by a legal guardian must have the emergency contact number for their parent or legal guardian saved under the name ICE on their mobile phones, or it must be written on a small piece of paper which is to be kept inside their wallets so that medical personnel can contact this person in the event of a medical emergency.


  1. We have set up a Lost and Found centre at the venue, which is located at Entrance U by Turnstile 15. Click here to view the map. Please print this map out and educate your children on how to find this facility in the event that they are separated from their group, parent or legal guardian.


  1. We have also set up a dedicated call centre number which can be reached on 011 759 7215 should you need to contact the Lost and Found Centre.


  1. Please make sure that your make your children aware of the dangers of talking to strangers, accepting food or beverages from strangers or getting into any vehicle with strangers. Please advise your children to call 011 759 7215 or go to the Lost and Found centre if they can any concerts about their safety and security.


  1. Anyone caught drinking underage or giving alcohol to minors will be arrested.


  1. Don’t forget to bring with you on the day: your tickets, ID (if you intend to consume alcohol), cash (NO ATMs on site) and appropriate clothes for any weather conditions.


  1. Umbrellas, cameras or recording devices including iPads are NOT permitted.


  1. Food and beverages will be available for sale inside and outside the stadium. No alcohol may be brought to the stadium and no drinking will be allowed in any areas other than the licensed public bars outside and inside the stadium. Security will confiscate any alcohol in the car parks, and refuse entry into the venue to any persons that are intoxicated.

Complete event information can be found at


Bieber, Bon Jovi and the SAMAs – A busy week in entertainment


What’s good friends? It’s Monday morning in my part of the world and it’s going to be a mad busy week. Why? Well here’s a little breakdown of what is crackening this week:

1. The 19th annual South African Music Awards (SAMAs) brought to you by MTN. It all goes down in Sun City this coming Friday and Saturday. Friday focuses on the technical, behind the scenes awards. Now this part of the weekend isn’t televised, but it’s fun and an important night too. I will be there and I’ll bring you some pics, news and highlights from that ceremony.

Saturday evening is the big show. Here’s a list of some of the performers expected to take to the stage:
Dr Thomas Chauke
Sangre Superbeat
Toya Delazy
DJ Zinhle
Desmond and the Tutus
The Muffinz
Vetkuk & Mahoota

Guest presenters include Menzi Ngubane, Sophie Ndaba, Zolisa Xaluva, Thami Mgqolo, Rapulana Seiphemo and Tsholo Monedi. Who will be the big host? The big winners? Find out on Saturday by checking out the live broadcast on SABC1 or follow my tweets (@JasonVonBerg) for details.

2. If the SAMAs aren’t your vibe then maybe Bon Jovi is. The legendary band will be rocking out at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg on Saturday evening. Bummed to be missing it, but hey the SAMAs have called and I shall answer 😉

3. Justin Bieber! Arguably the biggest name in entertainment at the moment kicks off his first South African tour this coming Wednesday in Cape Town. This will be massive and already Bieber fever has reached a level that nobody can control. If you’re going to be at the CT gig, let us know what it’s like. Oh and moms and dads, best you be getting your earplugs sorted ahead of the performance… we’d hate for you to be left hard of hearing afterwards. Sunday evening Jozi gets its chance to see the Biebs. I’ll be there, sadly sans the video camera because Bieber’s camp doesn’t allow for that, but I’ll be snapping some pics for the occasion.

4. Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to shower your mums this Sunday. A good breakfast, a lovely brunch, a delicious dinner… Some nice flowers, a few gifts and lots of love and you’re well on your way to being the kid ever!

Lady Gaga wows Johannesburg

Photo courtesy picture group

Last night I had the absolute privilege of seeing Lady Gaga live in concert and in South Africa for the first time. I was blown away to say the least. The design of the stage for one was just incredible. No detail was left out or unturned. The lighting, the props used, the way it rotated and in a sense morphed during the two hour or so show was fantastic. Her dancers and musicians on stage were on point too.

As for Mother Monster herself… Well, where do I begin? A lady, years five years ago was waiting tables in New York City to what we now know her as. This woman had a vision, a goal and she made it happen… And so big that she is now one of the biggest names in the world of music. And rightfully so after what I saw last night. Her wardrobe changes in accordance to the part of he show she is putting on – and let me tell you there were many wardrobe changes. They were all true to what we’ve become to expect from the star, funky, edgy and different. I’m blown away by how quickly she changes too. This show is perfection, a well-oiled machine indeed.

The fusion of music, art and of course Gaga’s creativity were exceptional. This is what a musical show should be like. Each part (or act) in the show had a story. There was dialogue, music (and lots of it), brilliant lighting and special effects. At two points (and there were probably more that I missed) but Gaga just stood there at the end of that given performance and stared at the crowd, it utter awe. She seemed shocked that people down at the bottom of the African continent had taken the time to buy tickets to her show, given up their Friday night to be there. Why? Well because she’s LADY GAGA!

Photo courtesy picture group
Photo courtesy picture group

A few quotes that I loved from the night and excuse the language if you’re sensitive but here they are:

“I am you. We share the same home. The same dreams. The same potential to succeed. I am everything that you love in this world… I am in this world because of you”

She also asked people if they were working in the morning. When people put their hands up she said, “I don’t give a fuck if you have to work tomorrow. I want you to have the worst hangover in the morning. I would like you to get drunk and vomit on your friends” and with that everyone got up and danced their asses off. It was brilliant!! I even saw the seated patrons up in the stands up and at it.

My favourite songs included, Born This Way, Bad Romance, Telephone (amazing), Just Dance. Man who am I kidding? I dug them all. I think she’s also good in that she can read a crowd, so she knows when to come in and say something, interact with them.

Lady Gaga, I thank you. Absolutely amazing concert that I’m so stoked to have seen. I’ve been chatting to a friend on Twitter about a possible trip to Gaga’s home town of NYC to see her there in March. Let’s see how it goes 🙂 A big thank you to Big Concerts, 5FM and M-Net for bringing the magic of the Born This Way Ball by Lady Gaga to South Africa.

The Eagles tonight at Soccer City

Happy Easter to those celebrating it today. I trust you’re having a wonderful family day with your loved ones and that the extremely long weekend is treating you well. I’ve broken Lent with copious amounts of chocolate already and while my sugar rush is still running through my blood, I feel I might circum to an afternoon nap later. That isn’t such a bad thing because I’ll need some energy later because I’m off to see the legendary rockers The Eagles. The band will be playing their third gig on South African soil at the FNB Stadium (Soccer City). I’ll be filming three minutes (the usual story) but I’ll also be taking pictures of the Hotel California hit-makers too. I’ll bring you all those deets tomorrow. For now, enjoy  arguably their biggest hit to date in the video above.

It’s Kings of Leon weekend in Jozi

American rockers Kings of Leon are in South Africa! The band kicked off their first tour to the country at the Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town earlier this week. Now they’re heading up to the Highveld to perform in Jozi. They’ll be playing at the FNB Stadium in the City of Gold tomorrow night. Now according to the accreditation agreement, I’d only be allowed to film thirty seconds of the third song. That’s all. So instead of lugging around all that equipment, I’m rather going to focus my energy on taking some pretty cool pictures. I can’t wait.

From what I’ve heard, the concert in Cape Town was amazing. The sound was good, the energy of the band on stage was electric and the Capetonians were overall impressed. I feel the rest of us will be loving it just as much when they take to the stage at Soccer City. In the video above you can hear them talking about their first tour to SA and how this happens to be one of their biggest gigs to date. BOOM! South Africa, you represent you beautiful thing you 😉

So who’s with me? See you at the stadium tomorrow!

Pictures: 2011 Joburg Day Music Festival

Freshlyground perform at Joburg Day

Lira performs at Joburg Day