Tanzania’s Idris wins Big Brother Hotshots


Idris walked away the ultimate winner of this season of Big Brother Africa, otherwise known as Big Brother Hotshots. The Tanzanian Housemate beat out 25 other housemate hopefuls to scoop the $300,000.00 prize money… NOT KAK at all – nice Christmas present huh? I’ll be hanging out with “Mr Loverman” a little bit later to find out more about his time in the house, his relationship with Ellah and others. Plus we’ll talk about his plans from here on out. Join in at 12pm, CAT.


President Obama heading to SA

American President, Barack Obama and the First Lady will be heading out to the African continent next month. They will be traveling to South Africa, Tanzania and Senegal from the 26th of June to the 3rd of July.  Read the full statement of the trip below:

“President Obama and the First Lady look forward to traveling to Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania from June 26 – July 3.  The President will reinforce the importance that the United States places on our deep and growing ties with countries in sub-Saharan Africa, including through expanding economic growth, investment, and trade; strengthening democratic institutions; and investing in the next generation of African leaders.

The President will meet with a wide array of leaders from government, business, and civil society, including youth, to discuss our strategic partnerships on bilateral and global issues.  The trip will underscore the President’s commitment to broadening and deepening cooperation between the United States and the people of sub-Saharan Africa to advance regional and global peace and prosperity.”

I got to see Michelle Obama back in 2011, while she was out here for some work. She was graceful and lovely, everything we expected. I’m sure he’ll be as charming when he heads here too. Looking forward to it.

For more info you can check out the White House website.

You can also follow all the latest tweets from the US Embassy Pretoria: @USEmbPretoria.

Big shocker on Big Brother Amplified?

So last night saw the end of yet another hugely successful season of reality TV show Big Brother Amplified. Nigeria’s Karen and Zimbabwe’s Wendall walked off with a whopping USD 200 000 each, when host IK made the announcement on the live broadcast on DStv channel 198. I’ll admit I didn’t watch the show much this season, but I’ve heard from several people that it was a great season. I’ve also heard that a lot of people weren’t happy with how the votes went ie. Wendall won and Luclay from South Africa didn’t. Now let’s break this down a bit shall we:

– If you vote, then you have a reason to moan and be upset that your favourite didn’t win. If you didn’t then you need to shut up. You have no leg to stand on. There are a lot of the latter in that category. You therefore cannot bitch and moan.

– The continent of Africa is big. This season had some 14 nations represented in the house. That means that those nations are all voting. Some have bigger populations than others, granted, but viewers also vote for who they like. While South Africa might’ve liked Luclay, other nations preferred Wendall and Karen to him. That is just the way the cookie crumbles.

– It’s not fair to pull the race card, which I’ve seen a lot of on Twitter and it’s also not fair to say this is rigged. How can it be? The votes are there, clear as day. The votes have been audited and thoroughly checked. There is no cheating involved like many others have suggested. Get over yourselves!

A few other questions:

If Wendall was so boring then why did he win?

If you think this is the “Nigeria show”, then you obviously missed the season where Richard from Tanzania won right? Stop making baseless assumptions like this. It’s wrong!

Let’s all stop being spoiled sports, face the music and accept that these two won and the others didn’t.

I thank you 🙂


Extraordinary Hippo

Let us take a break from the entertainment world for a second- have a look at this incredible video. It shows a hippo in Tanzania saving a wildebeest as well as young Zebra calf from the strong waters of the Mara River. I’m stunned!