Clifton Shores is coming

The Hills might be over, but this show could be the next best thing. It’s MTV’s latest reality TV drama called Clifton Shores. It shows a bunch of young American women moving down to South Africa for what appears to be a once in a lifetime opportunity, to be party hosts. They’re working closely for their billionaire boss. It has all the makings of a great reality show, that isn’t scripted *coughs*. Beautiful women, bulky, toned guys, drama between friends all set on the magnificent backdrop that is Cape Town, the Mother City, South Africa. Clifton beaches are amazing but who knew they could hold so much drama too 🙂 The show is expected to start later this year on MTV. As soon as I have more details on the cast and the broadcast details, I’ll bring them to you.

Lauren ‘LC’ Conrad on FFUs

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Lauren Conrad became a household name in Hollywood and beyond because of her hit reality show on MTV called The Hills. Unlike her married, plastic surgery ex Barbie doll BFF, Heidi Montag, Lauren has gone on to bigger and better things (not her boobs, lips or forehead). She’s become an author and a name synonymous with fashion in the US. So being an ‘authority’ in the fashion world, this video might help you, personally, or your clueless friends deal with FFUs. Ryan Seacrest broke the news of FFUs on his site and now I’m doing my bit to spread the word! Good luck 🙂

Speidi need to "Get Out Of Here"

I really am so bored of these two and how much attention they get. Sure I’m guilty as charged, but I must just say this. Maybe Heidi Montag Pratt isn’t so painful, but her hubby Spencer Pratt is an idiot. The two are/were starring in NBC’s Jungle reality tv show, but now have reportedly asked to be removed from the show. Why? Well Pratt says he’s “too rich and famous to be cleaning up these people’s sh*t” and that “these people are devaluing” their fame. WATCH THE FULL CLIP HERE.

Ya bud, whatever. You’re rich, fair enough but for what else, besides being the idiot nobody likes on MTV’s “The Hills”? Really. You’re no Brad Pitt or George Clooney you clown. It looks as though they’re now asking to go back though, perhaps he realised that. What really bugs me is that the celebs involved in this show are doing so for a charity. Spencer’s charity? The Red Cross are understandably peeved with Pratt’s bratty ways and they now want nothing to do with them or the show. Perhaps that’s why Speidi are reconsidering their “Get Me Outta Here” ways. Chops i say, chops

Spencer Pratt sings?

Spencer Pratt
WOW…. this guy is special.
10 for confidence…. 0 for talent. Ok maybe 2.

This is one of the crappiest songs I’ve ever heard, it’s even worse then that terrible attempt K-Fed made a while back! It’s called “I’m A Celebrity” and you can listen to the track here

In one line he says “America hates me ’cause the media loves me….” and that is true. He and his wife are always in the tabloids and because of his bad boy image MTV’s hit reality TV show, “The Hills,” it’s worked for him… which is admirable, but come now. A song? Really? Are you that bored?

According to Ryan Seacrest’s site, he and his beloved Mrs Pratt will be “exiled” to the jungles of Costa Rica in NBC’s new live reality series I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. Continue reading “Spencer Pratt sings?”

The Hills season 5 trailer

Will LC and Mrs Pratt rekindle their friendship? What’s the vibe with Brody and Spencer? Audrina’s moving out… loads going down in MTV’s hit show, The Hills this season kicking off this Spring/autumn- and of course another great soundtrack to add to the emotion/ the drama. Stay tuned for details.

Will he/she marry me?

It’s the wedding most didn’t think would ever happen, but in the land of Speidiville in The Hills it did. E News got this little scoop from tv’s most annoying couple and MTV, and this is what audiences can expect in this season’s finale of MTV’s The Hills. Check it out:

I wonder what their wedding song was, is? Katy Perry’s Hot n Cold could be a good option and it fits into the whole scenario. Here’s the video in case you haven’t seen it.