Q and A with Entourage star Adrian Grenier

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The highly-anticipated Entourage movie will finally hit South African cinemas tomorrow, the 24th of July. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a massive fan of the series and so to have it on the big screen is just so lekker. I can’t wait to see what Ari, Vince and the rest of the crew have in store for us. Check out this exclusive Q&A with Adrian Grenier:

QUESTION: What do you think it is about the characters and the world of Entourage that resonates with so many people around the world?

ADRIAN GRENIER: I think certainly the world of glitz and glam and fun and a life about options without consequences is certainly part of the appeal and very exciting. But I think it would wear thin if that was all it was about, and there wasn’t something deeper, more meaningful. Because these guys are so good to each other, because they support each other through the treacherous world of Hollywood. In spite of all the seductions, they manage to come back to home, back to what’s important; which is their loyalty and friendship. I think that really brings it to a dynamic place where people can really relate and connect to the characters.


QUESTION: Tell me about Vincent Chase and what it is that you like most about your character, first in the show and now in the movie?

ADRIAN GRENIER: I really like that he’s a Zen master. He’s been able to hold on by letting go, and I think there’s something really cool about that. It’s sort of lesson for all of us that you have to just ride the wave; you can’t control the wave. You’ve got to float on top of the wave. And if you try too hard to latch on, you’ll fall. So I just like that he’s so easy going, that he cares about everybody else more than himself. And that he leads with his heart.

I find the movie extremely poignant and lovable. You really get a sense of the friendship and the comradery of all the guys, and their closeness, which I think is what makes this movie so special. You get what you would expect with the girls and the cars and the parties, and the cameos, of course. But you also get this added element, which gives it a really great layer of friendship. And I think women and girls are going to love the movie because it’s very touching; you see an emotional side to these guys.

Ent_ 0045.DNGQUESTION: Entourage as a brand is known for so many beautiful women. But even though it’s about the bros, the women are not just decorations. They have parts to play and they have stories, right?

ADRIAN GRENIER: Yeah, I mean, people say it’s all about the women, whatever. That’s the tapestry; that’s not really the meat and the heart of the story. But the women aren’t just in and out or just background—it’s the women who actually drive the story and interact meaningfully with the characters. They’re all really strong, powerful women, between Sloan [Emmanuel Chirqui] and Mrs. Ari [Perrey Reeves] and [MMA champion] Ronda Rousey. It’s the women that really hold court.

QUESTION: What was it like for you to get back with this group of actors that you spent so much of your life with? Had you guys stayed in touch?

ADRIAN GRENIER: Yeah, we’ve stayed in touch enough to know what we were up to. But it really is like a family reunion. You don’t really have to think much about it. You dive right in and just roll with it. I mean, you start acting and there’s Drama [Kevin Dillon], being perfectly Drama and Turtle’s [Jerry Ferrara] there. They say acting is reacting, and that’s certainly the case here. It’s like riding a bike.

QUESTION: What about writer/director Doug Ellin? Is he another member of the gang? And what’s your collaboration like?

ADRIAN GRENIER: Doug is certainly one of the guys. I really respect the fact that he’s able to abstract stories from all of us, even when we don’t even know he’s doing it. Just taking pieces from our real lives, stories that we’ve conveyed, even invented stories that turn out to be true, he somehow just puts it all together so that the show has a relevance, and also is often prophetic. I’ll tell you, this has been a ‘meta’ experience for sure. I don’t know if you saw my documentary, Teenage Paparazzo, but to become famous by playing a famous guy in a show about fame is interesting.

QUESTION: Vince directs a film in the Entourage movie, and since you’re beginning to dip into directing, do you think that was one of those things that Doug incorporated into the character based on your own life?

ADRIAN GRENIER: Oh, absolutely, yeah. I think there are pieces of all of us in the characters and in the storyline that keeps it within a range that we’re all really able to authentically embody. I mean, I’m honored. Although documentaries usually cost like, half a million dollars if you’re lucky. And I think Hyde [Vincent Chase’s debut film] is considerably more.

QUESTION: Without spoilers, was there a moment during production which was really memorable or fun to shoot that you recall?

ADRIAN GRENIER: I hate to say it, but I’ve become sort of jaded. It’s always been one exciting experience and location after another and I try not to take it for granted. But our job is just to have the best lives, and if we’re not conveying that, if we’re not actually really enjoying our experience, then we’re not doing our job. So it’s been a great ride and I’m really hoping that it doesn’t end.

QUESTION: Emily Ratajkowski and MME champion Ronda Rousey appear as themselves in the film, as well as Billy Bob Thornton and Haley Joel Osment as movie financiers from Texas. What was it like to work with some of these newcomers to the Entourage world?

ADRIAN GRENIER: Well, I have tremendous respect for Billy Bob as an actor and Haley Joel of course and they play characters, not themselves. Although they certainly could have. But then you have Ronda Rousey, who’s a powerhouse in her own right and she’s a rising star. It’s another testament to Doug; he’s like a prophet. He can predict what’s hot and throws it in the movie. We’ve always played host to amazing personalities and influencers, and it’s great that people want to come and be involved and invited in. And people are excited to be there, so it’s always a great time.

QUESTION: What has it been like to work with Mark Wahlberg as an executive producer, either over the years or on this film specifically?

ADRIAN GRENIER: Yeah, he’s certainly pursuing his own career and doing really well at that. So he’s not on set every day, but he’s been a really influential force in making sure that we are on track and that we have the opportunities that we need to keep doing what we’re doing.

QUESTION: When people go see this movie, what do you hope they experience and take home with them?

ADRIAN GRENIER: I’m afraid that the dudes might actually get choked up, and if they tear up, not to worry. They’re still men. [Laughs] I think the dudes out there need to realize that women like sensitive men, so not to be afraid to be a little bit sensitive.

QUESTION: Very good advice. And, lastly, where does Vince go from here?

ADRIAN GRENIER: Wow, well let’s see what I’m doing in my own career and then we’ll maybe be able to predict how Doug wants to play it. But I think certainly directing is something that he’s into, and if he’s successful at it, we’ll see how high it goes.


Our first #Unscreening event: Maps To The Stars

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 4.30.08 PM

Last night I hosted an #Unscreening movie night, in conjunction with Times Media Films and my radio family, Cliff Central. The movie in question is called Maps to the Stars, which hits South African cinemas on the 23rd. The film stars the fantastic Julianne Moore, John Cusack and Robert Pattinson, among others. Here’s a short synopsis:

 A tour into the heart of a Hollywood family chasing celebrity, one another and the relentless ghosts of their pasts.

Moore plays the role of Havana Segrand in this one, an actress who is ageing – and in Hollywood terms this means fading. Segrand battles to remain relevant in the competitive world of showbiz. Moore’s portrayal in this film has scored her much acclaim from the critics. She also won Cannes’ Best Actress award, as well as a Golden Globe nomination for the role. The film is directed by the highly acclaimed, David Croneberg. I must admit, I’m not familiar with his work so I didn’t have any expectations… And maybe that’s for the best. The movie is WEIRD!!!! Dark, twisted, but oddly fascinating at the same time.


I think a lot of my guests were like, what the actual fuck? Some left early, others giggled nervously and many left scratching their heads, wondering what on earth just happened. Bless. The film hits cinemas on Friday, so if you’re into movies like this, go and check it out and then let me know what you think 😉


Prior to the screening, we had the good folks at Martini South Africa providing cocktails for the guests. I invited a lot of my friends, industry peers and some of SA’s most loved – and they all turned up! Stars like the lovely Jay Anstey, Shashi Naidoo, Chad Saaiman, LeAnne Dlamini, Tamerin Jardine, Thenji Stemela, Hayley Owen, Khabonina Qubeka, Seline van der Wat, Nicole Da Silva and many others were all there to enjoy the drinks, festivities and hopefully the movie too. And what would an event be without some kick ass prizes too:


  • @Converse_Africa gave us away ten varsity jackets and five hoodies. Just look how cool these hoodies are on the right:
  •    10013571_10205799139239360_8109223946360538883_nBig Concerts gave away four double tickets to The Script, along with their special guest Phillip Phillips. There was an awesome sing off between two guests, who were both eager to go and see Mamma Mia and then we had tickets to Lord of the Dance to giveaway too… All of that entertainment coming to SA this year, not shit at all J
  • One of my favourite channels on DStv is BBC Entertainment. They have some of the best talent and shows on television and the team there were more than happy to share some giveaway love. So two lucky people walked off with two very heavy hamper bags, packed with loads of cool goodies. Check them out on Twitter for all the latest news and show updates: @BBCEnt_SA
  • Sony Max gave away three sets of headphones, which is never terrible. People bugging you in the office? Drown them out with some awesome headphones… Well three of my guests will get that opportunity
  • Two very lucky guests walked away with watches from 1 Face Watch. These watches are not only awesome in terms of design, but they’re attached to good causes too. They have several different colours, each of which is attached to a certain cause or charity and last night we gave away a team #HayLeigh, Smile Foundation watch because it’s a cause I believe in and have worked with for almost a year now. We also gave away an education watch. I believe in the power of education and also the importance of learning and educating our young South Africans. We can only move forward and compete globally if we’re empowering our people with the necessary skills to go out there and shine. Love their work and I love these watches. If you want more details, please visit them on 1facewatch.co.za or on Twitter: @1FaceWatchza
  • 100_3745 (800 x 600)

All in all it was a fun evening. I think if there’s to be a next time, we’ll focus more on rom-coms or something a little lighter. This was supposed to be a way for people to ease into the New Year, not scratch their heads or do too much thinking. Haha. Good times though. Thank you to everyone involved.


Gallery – Spud 3 stars at the autograph signing and premiere

It’s one of the most loved stories in South Africa and clearly the fans of the movie franchise are a very dedicated bunch! On Saturday afternoon, Times Media Films hosted an autograph signing session with Troye Sivan, Caspar Lee, Alex McGregor, Blessing Xaba and the rest of the Spud 3 stars in Nelson Mandela Square. As the hours passed and the news of their favourite stars being in town spread, the crowd numbers grew. I saw many tears, lots of screams and just an overwhelmingly positive response to the movie and its stars. Later that night, the Spud 3 stars hit up the premiere in Sandton, and again the fans turned up in their numbers. I instigated a bit, by getting Troye, Sven, Caspar and Travis to get the fans revved up and screaming… Naturally the obliged and naturally their fans reacted positively.

Step aside Justin Bieber, the YouTube sensations are in the building and ready to shine! I’ve got some videos to post too, but here are some pictures from the premiere and autograph signing.

204: Getting Away with Murder opens today

I think I live in a bubble… in a very naive, happy-go-lucky bubble. I know there is crime in the city and country that I reside in and I know that there are fraudulent deals going on around and probably a lot closer to me than I think. When it comes to the dark, underground, gangster world, I’m a little puppy dog in and amongst a pack of destructive and dangerous wolves. What am I talking about? Well there’s this new documentary film out today called, 204: Getting Away With Murder and it takes a look at this very dark world. Mining magnet Brett Kebble was killed in 2005… The build up to and the circumstances around his death are depicted in this story – and the filmmakers have done so with exclusive interviews with the likes of Mikey Schultz, Nigel McGurk and Faizel “Kappie” Smith Jackie Selebi, Glenn Agliotti and Roger Kebble, to mention a few. Schultz is the self-confessed hit-man, who pulled the trigger (after several attempts) on Kebble. The way he openly talks about shooting Brett is nothing short of scary. This is someone who ended another person’s life! Yes it might’ve been at Kebble’s request, but still… The way he talks about that night is like me explaining to a friend how I went for a run this morning.  Anyway, it’s fascinating to hear about this world and how these people are all around us. Makes you watch your back a lot more, that’s for sure. I think I’m quite happy with my middle class, somewhat boring life 😉

I went through to the screening earlier this week and shortly afterwards, Director Warren Batchelor and co-producer Tony Migeul chatted to guests and media about the five long years of putting this together. Check it out below:

What’s quite weird is that Schultz has been ‘quiet’ for a while now, but just last week he made an appearance in the Pretoria High Court at the Oscar Pistorius Trial. It’s believed he was there to support a friend, who may have been called to the stand, but there was a few words exchanged between Schultz and the Pistorius family and then they left. Maybe getting people talking about him again, so that the public will go and watch the film? Possibly!!!

SA film, Die Windpomp honoured Down Under

Die Windpomp

SA film, Die Windpomp seems to be hitting the right spot abroad. The Afrikaans film was selected to participate in the Australian Gold Coast Festival. Just to give you a better idea of what this means, it will make its debut alongside films like The Grand Budapest Hotel, which stars some of the biggest names in the movie business. Not to shabby for a local film 😉

So you may be asking how on earth did a local, Afrikaans film get selected to participate in an Australian film festival? Well Mitch Ziems, the festival’s program director said “DIE WINDPOMP is wonderfully written and incredibly touching. There is a large Afrikaans community in Australia, and DIE WINDPOMP is the perfect fit. We are thrilled to have the film in this year’s lineup.” The film wasn’t actually submitted for consideration, but when Ziems heard about the film and after watching the trailer, he requested it be added to the line up.

“It doesn’t happen often that a festival calls a producer and requests a film.” Says DIE WINDPOMP’s producer Chris Roland. “We usually submit films to festivals along with thousands of other submissions and hope we get noticed. It’s fantastic when we get asked.” Check out the trailer below:

They producers are now submitting the film to several other festivals including Cannes and Toronto International Film Festivals in France and Canada. And if you’re unable to make any of those festivals, make an X in your diary on the 25th because that’s when the film will release locally. It stars some of SA’s most loved stars including Ian Roberts, Grethe Fox, Armand Greyling and Leandie du Randt .