Troye Sivan performs Youth on The Tonight Show

I’m going to put it out there. I think Spud actor and YouTube superstar, Troye Sivan is a name you’re really going to want to watch out for and keep on your radar in 2016. Not only does he have millions of fans, who absolutely adore him, but he’s shown how versatile and talented he is too! His album, Blue Neighbourhood is out in stores now and to promote his latest single “Youth”, the star got to perform on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. NICE! Have a look:

Gallery – Spud 3 stars at the autograph signing and premiere

It’s one of the most loved stories in South Africa and clearly the fans of the movie franchise are a very dedicated bunch! On Saturday afternoon, Times Media Films hosted an autograph signing session with Troye Sivan, Caspar Lee, Alex McGregor, Blessing Xaba and the rest of the Spud 3 stars in Nelson Mandela Square. As the hours passed and the news of their favourite stars being in town spread, the crowd numbers grew. I saw many tears, lots of screams and just an overwhelmingly positive response to the movie and its stars. Later that night, the Spud 3 stars hit up the premiere in Sandton, and again the fans turned up in their numbers. I instigated a bit, by getting Troye, Sven, Caspar and Travis to get the fans revved up and screaming… Naturally the obliged and naturally their fans reacted positively.

Step aside Justin Bieber, the YouTube sensations are in the building and ready to shine! I’ve got some videos to post too, but here are some pictures from the premiere and autograph signing.

Spud 2 interviews tomorrow

Tomorrow I’ll be hanging out and chatting to the likes of John Cleese, Troye Sivan and a few of the other stars from the hugely successful, Spud. The film is based on the novel by John van de Ruit, which still happens to be one of my favourite reads. I guess when you go to an all boys school, you recall all the memories and experiences you had and we’ve all been awkward teenagers (well for those of you older than 18) so most of us can relate to a story like this. I thoroughly enjoyed the second film, more than the first actually, so tomorrow should be good. The acting is good, it’s funny, serious, awkward and really just an enjoyable film. More on the interviews in the week leading up to the release next week.

If you have any questions for these guys, holler.